COVID 19 (Coronavirus) Measures

If you have cold or flu symptoms on the day that you are appearing in Court you must let us know before coming to the Court – go to the Contact page for phone numbers.

If, within the last 14 days, you have been in a high risk region or premises in any State or Territory or have worked in a quarantine facility, you may not enter the court.  Please contact the Court to discuss your appearance.

You must register for COVID-19 contact tracing when entering the Court, using the Check in TAS app or by writing your details on a registration slip at the security station.  For more information click on this link: COVID 19 (Coronavirus) Measures

"Name Withheld"

The defendant's name has been withheld pursuant to section 194K of the Evidence Act 2001, as publication of the name may lead to, or is likely to lead to, the identification of any witness or victim.

Court Lists

The following court lists are published on this site at approximately 04:30 PM each day.

Administrative Appeals, Civil and Criminal decisions are all now available on the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) website.
entrance to the Magistrates Court in Burnie: a man in the security guard uniform is standing next to the security gate

Security gate at the Burnie Magistrates Court entrance