"Name Withheld"

The defendant's name has been withheld pursuant to section 194K of the Evidence Act 2001, as publication of the name may lead to, or is likely to lead to, the identification of any witness or victim.

Burnie Criminal

Court List for Monday, 18 January 2021

(Generated on 15/1/2021 at 4:31 pm)


IndexNameMatterList TypeCourt Loc.RoomTime
1 ARNOLD, Ashley 70928/2019MENBUR102:15 PM
12 HILL, Jason Pentreath 54810/2020REMBUR111:15 AM
13 HILL, Jason Pentreath 150455/2020MENBUR111:15 AM
1 LANDERS, Tony Mark 54938/2019PMSBUR109:45 AM
4 LANDERS, Tony Mark 51123/2020PMSBUR109:45 AM
2 LANDERS, Tony Mark 50502/2020PMSBUR109:45 AM
3 LANDERS, Tony Mark 50909/2020PMSBUR109:45 AM
5 LANDERS, Tony Mark 51985/2020PMSBUR109:45 AM
6 LANDERS, Tony Mark 52555/2020PMSBUR109:45 AM
7 MANN, Tieran Jade 50768/2020HRGBUR109:45 AM
8 MANN, Tieran Jade 52064/2020F & SBUR109:45 AM
9 MANN, Tieran Jade 53153/2020F & SBUR109:45 AM
10 SMITH, Jaedin Phillip 53975/2020HRGBUR109:45 AM
11 STAFFORD, James William 52930/2020HRGBUR109:45 AM