"Name Withheld"

The defendant's name has been withheld pursuant to section 194K of the Evidence Act 2001, as publication of the name may lead to, or is likely to lead to, the identification of any witness or victim.

Burnie Criminal

Court List for Monday, 2 August 2021

(Generated on 30/7/2021 at 4:30 pm)


IndexNameMatterList TypeCourt Loc.RoomTime
20 BARRY, Patrick 80147/2021APPBUR109:45 AM
1 GARDAM, Brian Cedric 50398/2021MENBUR109:45 AM
2 GARDAM, Brian Cedric 51265/2021MENBUR109:45 AM
3 HEAZELWOOD, Stephen Charles 54727/2020HRGBUR109:45 AM
21 HOUSEGO, Belinda 80148/2021APPBUR109:45 AM
22 HOUSEGO, Rex 80149/2021APPBUR109:45 AM
4 JOHNSTONE, Claire Ellen 50095/2021FSHBUR109:45 AM
6 JOHNSTONE, Claire Ellen 50612/2021F & SBUR109:45 AM
7 JOHNSTONE, Claire Ellen 50713/2021F & SBUR109:45 AM
5 JOHNSTONE, Claire Ellen 50906/2021F & SBUR109:45 AM
19 LAWRENCE, Esther Ruth 80143/2021APPBUR109:45 AM
9 RANDALL, Brodie Aaron 51941/2021F & SBUR109:45 AM
10 RANDALL, Brodie Aaron 52011/2021HRGBUR109:45 AM
12 SIMPSON, Tricia Anne 53812/2020FSHBUR109:45 AM
13 SIMPSON, Tricia Anne 53152/2020F & SBUR109:45 AM
14 SIMPSON, Tricia Anne 54602/2020F & SBUR109:45 AM
15 SIMPSON, Tricia Anne 50226/2021F & SBUR109:45 AM
17 SIMPSON, Tricia Anne 51149/2021F & SBUR109:45 AM
16 SIMPSON, Tricia Anne 51385/2021F & S & HBUR109:45 AM
11 THOMAS, Zana Maree 52011/2021MENBUR109:45 AM
18 WARE, Tanya Marie 51748/2021HRGBUR109:45 AM