"Name Withheld"

The defendant's name has been withheld pursuant to section 194K of the Evidence Act 2001, as publication of the name may lead to, or is likely to lead to, the identification of any witness or victim.

Burnie Criminal

Court List for Wednesday, 27 October 2021

(Generated on 26/10/2021 at 4:30 pm)


IndexNameMatterList TypeCourt Loc.RoomTime
1 ACN 615 367 557 90267/2021MENCUR09:15 AM
10 ANDERSON, Shane Peter 80208/2021APPBUR209:45 AM
2 BARNES, Timothy Charles 53226/2021PLECUR09:15 AM
1 BLAKE, Samuel John 51550/2021HRGBUR209:45 AM
2 BLAKE, Samuel John 52640/2021HRGBUR209:45 AM
3 BROOME, Jeremia Scott 80196/2021MENBUR209:45 AM
1 BRYAN, Paula 80189/2021CONBURNo Room02:00 PM
4 COOK, Sarah Michelle 52727/2021F & SCUR09:15 AM
5 DANIELS, John Phillip 90266/2021MENCUR09:15 AM
2 IVORY, Kaliesha Skye 80172/2021CONBURNo Room10:00 AM
9 MEARES, Dylan Kenneth Donald 51547/2020F & S & MBUR211:15 AM
6 MONK, Emma Jo 52449/2021HRGBUR209:45 AM
11 MONK, Emma Jo 53636/2021PLEBUR209:45 AM
12 MONK, Emma Jo 53637/2021PLEBUR209:45 AM
7 MORSE, Nicole Ruth 52224/2021HRGBUR209:45 AM
8 REEVES, Natasha Jane 150128/2021MENBUR209:45 AM
3 RYAN, Dallas Thomas 53226/2021PLECUR09:15 AM
6 SMITH, Alan Robert 90495/2021MENCUR09:15 AM
7 SMITH, Mark James 53225/2021PLECUR09:15 AM