"Name Withheld"

The defendant's name has been withheld pursuant to section 194K of the Evidence Act 2001, as publication of the name may lead to, or is likely to lead to, the identification of any witness or victim.

Launceston Criminal

Court List for Tuesday, 25 January 2022

(Generated on 24/1/2022 at 4:30 pm)


IndexNameMatterList TypeCourt Loc.RoomTime
1 ALLEN, Barry 31488/2021MENLAU209:45 AM
19 ALLEN, Barry Ray 33950/2021HRGLAU209:45 AM
5 ALLEN, Barry Ray 33486/2021HRGLAU209:45 AM
14 ALLEN, Barry Ray 33948/2021HRGLAU209:45 AM
20 ALLEN, Barry Ray 35232/2021HRGLAU209:45 AM
3 ALLEN, Barry Ray 31643/2021PLELAU209:45 AM
17 ALLEN, Barry Ray 7307/2021PLELAU209:45 AM
6 ALLEN, Barry Ray 31625/2021MENLAU209:45 AM
7 ALLEN, Barry Ray 31644/2021PLELAU209:45 AM
8 ALLEN, Barry Ray 31645/2021PLEA & MLAU209:45 AM
9 ALLEN, Barry Ray 31646/2021PLELAU209:45 AM
10 ALLEN, Barry Ray 31670/2021PLELAU209:45 AM
4 ALLEN, Barry Ray 32986/2021PLELAU209:45 AM
15 ALLEN, Barry Ray 5777/2021PLELAU209:45 AM
13 ALLEN, Barry Ray 5778/2021PLELAU209:45 AM
16 ALLEN, Barry Ray 5779/2021PLELAU209:45 AM
12 ALLEN, Barry Ray 5787/2021MENLAU209:45 AM
2 ALLEN, Barry Ray 4387/2021MENLAU209:45 AM
11 ALLEN, Barry Ray 4594/2021PLEA & MLAU209:45 AM
18 ALLEN, Barry Ray 33949/2021PLELAU209:45 AM
22 ALLEN, Barry Ray 34177/2021PLEA & MLAU209:45 AM
21 ALLEN, Barry Ray 7864/2021MENLAU209:45 AM
25 ALLEN, Barry Ray 7614/2021PLELAU209:45 AM
23 ALLEN, Barry Ray 7244/2021PLELAU209:45 AM
24 ALLEN, Barry Ray 91052/2021PLELAU209:45 AM
26 ALLEN, Barry Ray 34478/2021PLELAU209:45 AM
47 ALLWOOD, Aubrey John 33580/2019MENLAU411:30 AM
48 ALLWOOD, Aubrey John 34713/2019MENLAU411:30 AM
50 ALLWOOD, Aubrey John 35583/2019MENLAU411:30 AM
52 ALLWOOD, Aubrey John 35892/2019MENLAU411:30 AM
51 ALLWOOD, Aubrey John 30994/2020MENLAU411:30 AM
55 ALLWOOD, Aubrey John 31098/2020MENLAU411:30 AM
53 ALLWOOD, Aubrey John 31206/2020MENLAU411:30 AM
49 ALLWOOD, Aubrey John 31295/2020MENLAU411:30 AM
60 ALLWOOD, Aubrey John 32041/2020MENLAU411:30 AM
58 ALLWOOD, Aubrey John 32083/2020MENLAU411:30 AM
59 ALLWOOD, Aubrey John 32084/2020MENLAU411:30 AM
57 ALLWOOD, Aubrey John 32085/2020MENLAU411:30 AM
54 ALLWOOD, Aubrey John 32233/2020MENLAU411:30 AM
61 ALLWOOD, Aubrey John 32670/2020MENLAU411:30 AM
62 ALLWOOD, Aubrey John 32837/2020MENLAU411:30 AM
63 ALLWOOD, Aubrey John 35124/2020MENLAU411:30 AM
64 ALLWOOD, Aubrey John 30218/2021MENLAU411:30 AM
65 ALLWOOD, Aubrey John 30446/2021MENLAU411:30 AM
56 ALLWOOD, Aubrey John 32179/2021PLELAU411:30 AM
27 BARTUSH, Waylon 33001/2021HRGLAU209:45 AM
37 BARTUSH, Waylon Anthony 70038/2022APPLAU209:45 AM
1 BLACK, Braydan John 32627/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
2 CARR, Daniel John 34807/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
3 CARTER, Terry Allan 33910/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
4 CARTER, Terry Allan 34956/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
1 CHHETRI, Shamir 30246/2021PLELAU202:15 PM
3 CHHETRI, Shamir 36254/2019PLELAU202:15 PM
2 CHHETRI, Shamir 30939/2020PLELAU202:15 PM
4 CHHETRI, Shamir 32926/2020PLELAU202:15 PM
5 CHHETRI, Shamir 34610/2020PLELAU202:15 PM
6 CHHETRI, Shamir 32988/2021PLELAU202:15 PM
5 DAVEY, Dean Thomas 33878/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
6 DEBELIN, Anthony Dabs 34954/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
8 DEBELIN, Anthony Dabs 35646/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
7 DEBELIN, Anthony Dabs 35373/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
76 DEBELIN, Anthony Dabs 30275/2022PLELAU409:45 AM
66 FEPULEAI, Regan 33915/2021PLELAU411:30 AM
28 FROST, Daniel Norton 32914/2021HRGLAU209:45 AM
9 GALL, Troy Anthony 32628/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
10 GALL, Troy Anthony 34204/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
11 GRIFFITHS, Kelly Andrew 32956/2020F & S & MLAU409:45 AM
17 GRIFFITHS, Kelly Andrew 31103/2021F & SLAU409:45 AM
15 GRIFFITHS, Kelly Andrew 33651/2020F & SLAU409:45 AM
13 GRIFFITHS, Kelly Andrew 35154/2020F & SLAU409:45 AM
12 GRIFFITHS, Kelly Andrew 34248/2020F & SLAU409:45 AM
14 GRIFFITHS, Kelly Andrew 34218/2020F & SLAU409:45 AM
16 GRIFFITHS, Kelly Andrew 30469/2021F & S & MLAU409:45 AM
18 HAWORTH, Russell Peter 34801/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
22 HAWORTH, Russell Peter 34486/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
20 HAWORTH, Russell Peter 34026/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
19 HAWORTH, Russell Peter 34914/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
21 HAWORTH, Russell Peter 34955/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
29 KELLY, Marcus Allan 31361/2021HRGLAU209:45 AM
23 LANE, Michael William 33917/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
67 LINDEMEIER, Natasha Fay Christine 33880/2021PLELAU411:30 AM
25 LINDEMEIER, Natasha Fay Christine 35615/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
68 LOVELL, Troy Anton 34802/2020MENLAU411:30 AM
71 LOVELL, Troy Anton 32728/2021PLELAU411:30 AM
69 LOVELL, Troy Anton 34961/2020MENLAU411:30 AM
70 LOVELL, Troy Anton 34962/2020MENLAU411:30 AM
32 LYDEN, Christopher Leslie 34750/2021HRGLAU209:45 AM
33 LYDEN, Christopher Leslie 34752/2021HRGLAU209:45 AM
30 LYDEN, Christopher Leslie 33818/2021HRGLAU209:45 AM
31 LYDEN, Christopher Leslie 35574/2021HRGLAU209:45 AM
26 MARSHALL, Tristan Shane 33719/2021DPLAU409:45 AM
27 NEWITT, Katrina Dianne 32587/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
29 NEWITT, Katrina Dianne 32586/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
28 NEWITT, Katrina Dianne 32895/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
8 PHILLIPS, Brett Kevin 31327/2020SENLAU202:15 PM
9 PHILLIPS, Brett Kevin 35761/2020SENLAU202:15 PM
10 PHILLIPS, Brett Kevin 33732/2020SENLAU202:15 PM
11 PHILLIPS, Brett Kevin 33733/2020SENLAU202:15 PM
12 PHILLIPS, Brett Kevin 33488/2020SENLAU202:15 PM
13 PHILLIPS, Brett Kevin 31209/2021SENLAU202:15 PM
14 PHILLIPS, Brett Kevin 33660/2021SENLAU202:15 PM
30 PIETERSE, Axel James 33058/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
72 SIMPSON, Ashley Leonie 33864/2021PLELAU411:30 AM
73 SIMPSON, Ashley Leonie 70625/2021PLELAU411:30 AM
74 SIMPSON, Ashley Leonie 35222/2021PLELAU411:30 AM
34 SINGLINE, Trudi Anne 33705/2020HRGLAU209:45 AM
75 SMITH, Andrew Robert 70626/2021PLELAU411:30 AM
15 STEPHENS, Troy Geoffrey 33158/2018F & SLAU202:15 PM
24 STEPHENS, Troy Geoffrey 33711/2021F & SLAU202:15 PM
16 STEPHENS, Troy Geoffrey 36120/2019F & SLAU202:15 PM
17 STEPHENS, Troy Geoffrey 34389/2020F & SLAU202:15 PM
18 STEPHENS, Troy Geoffrey 34463/2020F & SLAU202:15 PM
21 STEPHENS, Troy Geoffrey 35053/2020F & SLAU202:15 PM
19 STEPHENS, Troy Geoffrey 35247/2020F & SLAU202:15 PM
20 STEPHENS, Troy Geoffrey 35684/2020F & SLAU202:15 PM
22 STEPHENS, Troy Geoffrey 30683/2021F & SLAU202:15 PM
23 STEPHENS, Troy Geoffrey 32863/2021F & SLAU202:15 PM
31 TRIFFITT, Todd Andrew 33753/2020PLELAU409:45 AM
32 TRIFFITT, Todd Andrew 33754/2020PLELAU409:45 AM
33 TRIFFITT, Todd Andrew 33845/2020PLELAU409:45 AM
34 TRIFFITT, Todd Andrew 34712/2020PLELAU409:45 AM
35 TRIFFITT, Todd Andrew 35733/2020PLELAU409:45 AM
37 TRIFFITT, Todd Andrew 31679/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
36 TRIFFITT, Todd Andrew 32893/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
77 TRIFFITT, Todd Andrew 34854/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
38 WILLIAMS, James John 34802/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
39 WILLIAMS, Johnathan Edward 34809/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
40 WOODRUFF, Samantha Karin 31259/2021DPLAU409:45 AM
41 WOODRUFF, Samantha Karin 31987/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
42 WOODRUFF, Samantha Karin 32799/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
43 WOODRUFF, Samantha Karin 32840/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
44 WOODRUFF, Samantha Karin 33351/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
45 WOODRUFF, Samantha Karin 34932/2021PLELAU409:45 AM
46 WOODRUFF, Samantha Karin 30210/2022PLELAU409:45 AM