Minor civil claims ($5000 or less)

minor civil claim
Any dispute claiming $5,000 or less.

You can also file a minor civil claim for

  • a claim arising out of a Residential Tenancy or Lease Agreement
  • a claim to access neighbouring land
  • any dispute under the Consumer Credit Code claiming $5000 or less.

Court and legal costs

  • There are no legal costs for a minor civil claim because parties must represent themselves.
  • A party may request Court permission to have legal representation in special circumstances. For example if the other party is a solicitor or you have an intellectual disability.
  • The Magistrate may award the successful party compensation for nominal witness fees, expenses etc.
  • The Court can only award legal costs to a successful party if a lawyer has been engaged by a party and (in rare circumstances) the lawyer has represented that party at trial.
  • The Court does not generally make orders compensating a self-represented party for the time spent on preparing the claim or conducting the trial.