What happens at court?

Make sure you:

  • arrive at court on time
  • know your witnesses are there
  • have all the papers you need to show to the court
  • know the facts of your case thoroughly.

Focus on what you want to prove.

Court proceedings

  • You will probably be asked to present your opening summary and evidence first.
  • Speak clearly to the Magistrate. You can read from notes if you feel more confident doing this.
  • Refer to your witnesses as you go through the facts. They will give their evidence after you.
  • You are allowed to put items like photos and documents into evidence. Make sure the defendant knows you’ll be doing this; have copies for them and the Magistrate.
  • Once you have given your evidence, the defendant can ask questions and put their case forward.
  • You can cross examine the defendant on their evidence.
  • The Magistrate may ask questions at any time.
  • Once everyone has spoken, the Magistrate will make their decision.