Going to court can be a daunting and stressful experience, however, you should not be afraid to go to court. Support and information is available to help you throughout the legal process.

Assistance for victims

  • Have you been the victim of a violent crime?
  • Has a loved one been the victim of a violent crime?
  • Are you feeling alone or confused about where to go from here?
  • Would you simply like more information about court, legal proceedings or victims rights?
  • For peace of mind, would you like to know sentence details relating to the offender?

Victims Support Service

Victims Support Services can provide information to victims of crime about current court matters, including:

  • the date that the matter is listed in court
  • the current status of the matter
  • whether the offender has been remanded in custody or released on bail
  • details of any conditions of such bail.

Please contact Victims Support Services.

Victims of Crime Service

The Victims of Crime Service can:

  • organise one of their counsellors to go to court with you
  • provide free counselling and support
  • prepare you for testifying in court

Tasmania Police

As the victim of crime, Tasmania Police are responsible for keeping you informed about the status of a matter before the court.

Your personal information is gathered by police when investigating an incident. Tasmania Police hold all victim information such as name, address and contact details.

Police Prosecution will be able to give you the following information:

  • when the matter is listed before the court
  • whether the accused person has pleaded guilty or not guilty
  • whether you are required to attend court to give evidence
  • what the outcome of the matter is, once finalised before the court.

Once the matter is finalised by the courts and if the offender has been given a custodial sentence, you'll be invited to register on the Victims Register. This can give you updates of a prisoner's location, classification, parole and hearing dates, and possible release times.

For help with family violence matters please contact Court Support and Liaison Service.