Are you representing yourself?

litigant in person (self-represented litigant)
A person who does not have a lawyer to appear for them in court and who presents their case to the court themselves.

You can speak for yourself in court without a solicitor, lawyer or other legal professional.

If you are thinking about representing yourself because you can’t afford a lawyer, check if you can get legal aid.

Please also read our information for lawyers and attending court for advice on what to expect and do in court.

Help from court staff

Court staff are happy to help you if they can. However, court staff are limited in how they can help you; they must be fair to everyone. Court staff cannot give you legal advice.

Learn what court staff can and cannot do for you before you ask them for help.

Court forms

You can find the approved court forms on our website or you can get them from the court registries.

Court fees

To find out what fees you may need to pay - go to Fees.

Specific information

  • If you are involved in a dispute over money, read information for Money disputes.
  • If you want to defend yourself in the Criminal Court, read information for Accused persons.
  • If you want to apply for a Family Violence Order or Restraint Order, or if there is such order made against you, read information about Family Violence & Restraint Orders.