There are 15 Magistrates

  • 9 are based in Hobart
  • 3 in Launceston
  • 2  in Devonport, and
  • 1 in Burnie.

The Chief Magistrate, the Deputy Chief Magistrate, and Magistrates are formally appointed by the Governor of Tasmania.

  • All Magistrates exercise a state-wide jurisdiction.
  • Magistrates are also Coroners.
  • Magistrates are legal practitioners who have at least 5 years experience as a Lawyer.


  • Magistrate T Jago


  • Magistrate A McKee
  • Magistrate D Fairley


  • Chief Magistrate C J Geason
  • Deputy Chief Magistrate M F Daly
  • Magistrate S F Mollard
  • Magistrate O McTaggart
  • Magistrate C P Webster
  • Magistrate G A Hay
  • Magistrate S J Cooper
  • Magistrate R Chandler
  • Magistrate R Marron


  • Magistrate S J N Brown
  • Magistrate S E Cure
  • Magistrate K J Stanton

Correct at June 2017.