Practice Direction

No.4 of 1998

Uniform Registry Practices

Unlike its predecessor Courts of Requests under the Local Courts Act 1896, the Magistrates Court (Civil Division) is a single Court with Statewide jurisdiction.

The Magistrates Court (Civil Division) Rules 1998 enable an action to be commenced in any registry of the Court, irrespective of the location at which the cause of action arose.

To ensure the efficient working of the Civil Division's operations, administrative procedures in all registries will be uniform according to administrative directions issued by the Chief Magistrate and the Administrator of Courts. There will be no regional variations in relation to registry practices and procedures. For example, all registries will ensure that unexecuted Warrants to Sell Property are returned to the relevant registry with the Bailiff's report, as required by rule 134 of the Magistrates Court (Civil Division) Rules 1998

Arnold Shott
30 March 1998