No. 7/2000

Northwest Coast - Listing Re-arrangements

On 1 October, 2000, new listing arrangements commenced for all criminal matters to be heard and determined at Burnie and Devonport.

The arrangements require that all first appearances in a Magistrate’s list remain with that Magistrate until they have been heard and determined by that Magistrate, that is ‘a personal diary system’ or ‘individual docket system’ or ‘IDS’.

The new arrangements will be applied by the Coastal magistrates, Magistrates T J Hill and D J Jones, and also by visiting magistrates.

The advantages of the personal diary system have been proved beyond doubt elsewhere in the State and overseas over long periods of time. By providing Magistrates with certain and finite case-loads, time can be tailored to meet those commitments. In addition, a familiar case-load enables a Magistrate and Court Clerk to manage that case load more effectively.

In order to achieve that end, a number of administrative arrangements have been put in place. Specifically, section 50B adjournments cannot be effected to the detriment of the managed work load. Further, 50B adjournments between Magistrates will not normally be approved.

All magistrates will attend to contest mention matters.

It is anticipated that the period October-December inclusive will be a transitional period. However, the re-arrangements will be in full operation from January, 2001.

Jim Connolly
Administrator of Courts
3 October 2000