No. 5 of 1999

Procedure for Bills of Costs pursuant to the 
Magistrates Court (Civil Division) Rules 1998.

It has become necessary to remind practitioners that pursuant to rule 146 of the Magistrates Court (Civil Division) Rules 1998 it is no longer necessary to file your bill with the Registry.

Once prepared the bill should be forwarded to the other party or solicitor in an effort to resolve the matter prior to the necessity for any involvement from the Taxing Officer.

Upon service of the Bill the opposing party or solicitor has 21 days to file an objection with the Registry, along with a copy of the Bill and detailed reasons as to which items are objected to and why. -See Rule 147

If such an objection is filed then the registrar will fix a date, time & place for the assessment of costs- See Rule 148

Once assessed a certificate of assessment is issued- See Rule 149

There is provision in Rule 150 for the Assessment to be reviewed.

Sally Bridge
Acting District Registrar, Civil Division
30 April 1999