No. 2 of 2003

Video Conferencing facilities - Queenstown Courthouse

From mid-June 2003, the Queenstown Magistrates Court building will be co-occupied by a Service Tasmania shopfront and the Magistrates Court.

A video-conferencing facility has been installed at the Queenstown courthouse as part of these renovations. The video conferencing service will be shared by Centrelink, Service Tasmania, and the Magistrates Court of Tasmania.

Commencing in July 2003, the Magistrates Court will be conducting regular videolink courts from the Burnie registry to Queenstown for first appearance matters as and when defendants are bailed by Police, or otherwise remanded, into such lists. It is anticipated that one videolink intake court will be conducted between each of the regular circuit sittings in Queenstown.

The video conferencing facilities will also be available during circuit sittings in Queenstown for the taking of evidence from witnesses located in other parts of the State, interstate, or overseas, upon prior application to the Burnie Magistrates Court registry.

The videolink facilities can also be made available, for a fee, to solicitors wishing to interview clients from any Magistrates Court registry in the State to the Magistrates Court site at Queenstown. Advance bookings are required as the facilities are shared with Service Tasmania and Centrelink.

Please contact the Video conferencing coordinator at the Burnie Magistrates Court to make any bookings.

Booking forms can be downloaded from the Magistrates Court website.

Jim Connolly
Administrator of Courts
22 June 2003