No. 3 / 2018

Contact Details

For a period of approximately 3 months from today there will be some changes to contact people at the Magistrates Court.

Burnie Registry

The District Registrar and Manager will be Marissa Priest, from the Hobart Registry.  Marissa will be based in Burnie and can be contacted on:

Phone: (03) 6477 7139


Natalie Luttrell will remain in Burnie, operating from the Supreme Court.  She will be offline for day-to-day Magistrates Court enquiries as she will be focussing on special projects.

Hobart Registry

Jane McLeod will be acting District Registrar (Southern) during Marissa’s absence.  She can be contacted on:

Phone: 6165 7133


Elisa Lewis will act in Jane McLeod’s Team Leader position.  Her contact details are:

Phone: 6165 7139


Penelope Ikedife
Administrator of Courts

2 May 2018