No. 5 / 2017

National Domestic Violence Order Scheme

In December 2015 the Council of Australian Governments agreed to introduce a National Domestic Violence Order Scheme (NDVOS) to allow Domestic Violence Orders issued in one jurisdiction to be automatically recognised and enforced throughout Australia.  In 2016 all jurisdictions committed to introduce model laws to give effect to the NDVOS.

The Domestic Violence Orders (National Recognition) Act 2016 commences on 25 November 2017.

From 25 November 2017 any Family Violence Order granted within this jurisdiction will automatically be recognised as a national order.  An application may be made under the Act for any order made prior to 25 November 2017 to be declared as a national Domestic Violence Order.  A clerk of petty sessions (District Registrar) is empowered to make the declaration.

If a party wishes to vary, extend or revoke an interstate Domestic Violence Order then applications to do so can be made to the Court.

Relevant application forms are available on the Magistrates Court website

Penelope Ikedife
Administrator of Courts

23 November 2017