No.4 of 2010

Audio-Conferencing Charging Policy

Audio-conferencing enables multiple parties to participate in Court proceedings by telephone from various locations around the Tasmania, interstate, or overseas without having to attend in person. Subject to the discretion of the presiding Magistrate, the technology can be used in any jurisdiction exercised by the Court eg. civil, criminal, tribunals, and coronial jurisdictions.

Many years ago, the Magistrates Court installed the necessary infrastructure to enable the use of audio-conferencing for the convenience of the parties, and it is used frequently.

It is appropriate that the party deriving the benefit by using the audio conference facilities should be charged for the costs associated with the conference. As a result, the following new charging policy will apply.

An all-inclusive fee of $40 plus GST will be required to be submitted with a completed Audio-Conference Booking Form. The fee covers both the booking fee as well as the call charges. Details are available at:

The Magistrate or Court Officer presiding at the Directions Hearing or pre-trial mention or conference may determine which party will be responsible for the audio-conferencing charge. By way of explanation and without limiting this discretion, the Magistrate or Court Officer may take into account such factors as :

  • the reason for the remote party or witness being unable to attend court in person;
  • the place where the event giving rise to the litigation occurred;
  • the location of the residence or business of the parties in the litigation

This Charging Policy will take effect on 1 November 2010.

Circular to Practitioners 2/2000 is revoked.



20 October 2010