No. 1 of 1999

Return of Originating Claim to Civil Division Registry 
upon Receipt of Defence

It has become necessary to remind practitioners that when a Civil Division Claim is defended the Registry requires the return of the Claim which is clearly marked as COURT COPY.

Until a claim is either defended or judgment is entered, the Registry only has the general details of the claim recorded electronically in our Civil Information Management System (CIMS) computer data base e.g. names, claim number, debt, solicitors’ details.. The reason for this practice is to avoid unnecessary handling of hard copy pleadings for those matters which are resolved at the Claim stage.

However, when an action is defended, the Court relies on the prompt return of a copy of the Claim so as it can be placed on the file and is available for the Magistrate at the first Directions Hearing.

Your co-operation in filing the Claim immediately upon receipt of a Defence would be greatly appreciated.

Sally Bridge
Acting District Registrar, Civil Division
4 June 1999