Administrative Direction

No 1 of 2005

Committal Proceedings - Adjournments

I, Arnold George Shott, Chief Magistrate, in consultation with the Administrator, have determined the following administrative procedures and directions pursuant to the Magistrates Court Act 1987 section 15(6) and the Justices Act 1959 section 50B(2):

1. The Clerk of Petty Sessions at Launceston and the Clerk of Petty Sessions at Burnie may not adjourn pursuant to the Justices Act 1959 section 50B(2) the taking of depositions in accordance with Part VII of that Act without referring the request of the parties to the Chief Magistrate for directions.

2. This Direction applies to the taking of depositions (whether part-heard or otherwise) listed for hearing in the Launceston Registry or the Devonport Registry of the Magistrates Court on or after 1 March, 2005.

DATED the 13th day of January 2005

A G Shott