Forms & fees


Please note that some of the applications / requests you make to the coroner’s court will involve the payment of a fee.

If you are unable to pay the fee, you may apply to the coroner to “waive” some or all of the fee so that you do not have to pay, or you pay less. To request that a fee be waived, you will need to write to the coroner’s court and provide all relevant information on the application, your financial situation and your ability to pay.

A copy of the coroner’s findings will automatically be sent to the senior next of kin at no cost.

The current fees for the coroner’s court are located in the Fees section of this website and also in the Coroners (fees, expenses and allowances) Regulations 2016 (Tas).


All forms used by the Magistrates Court and the coroner’s court can be located in the Forms section of this website. These include:

  • statutory declaration form
  • video link booking form
  • witness expenses form
  • coroner’s court forms.

All forms used by the Supreme Court of Tasmania can be located on the Supreme Court web site, under Supreme Court Forms List.