Practice Direction

No. 4 of 2005

Magistrates Court – Form of Address

Pursuant to the Magistrates Court Act 1987 section 15AA, I issue the following Practice Direction in relation to the Magistrates Court.

On and from 1 January, 2006, the form of address to the officer constituting the Magistrates Court will be ‘Your Honour’.

The new form of address will apply to all courts (not tribunals) constituted by a magistrate or by one or more justices of the peace.

A G Shott
23 December 2005


There are several reasons for the change in the form of address from ‘Your Worship’ to ‘Your Honour’:

  • it will bring the Magistrates Court of Tasmania into line with all other State and Territory Magistrates Courts as well as the Federal Magistrates Court,
  • the current form is archaic,
  • the new form of address is almost invariably used by defendants and witnesses, and
  • the change will reduce confusion within the justice system.

The Attorney-General, the Honourable Judy Jackson, MHA, and the Judges of the Supreme Court support the change.