No. 4 of 2009

Additional Sittings in Devonport

The Devonport Magistrates Court will have additional court sittings in the period between now and Christmas.

As a result Court staff will be contacting Prosecution Services and practitioners over the next few weeks to make arrangements to move some matters and to allocate hearing dates for matters already provided with a mention date.

The Court is grateful to the Hobart Magistrates for rearranging their lists and to Prosecution Services for making Prosecutors available for the additional sitting days to assist with the current backlog.

Ready List

The Court is also interested in piloting a "Ready List" of nominated cases that can be brought on for hearing at short notice ie. (say) within 2 days. The purpose of the "Ready List" is to maximise the time available for Magistrates to conduct hearings, particularly when Magistrates from other registries are circuiting on the North-West Coast.

Undoubtedly there will be many cases that will be ineligible due to unavailability of witnesses or counsel. However, there may be others, particularly short matters, that could be registered "on call" on the Ready List.

Accordingly, both Prosecution and Defence counsel are encouraged to identify any cases that could be registered on a Ready List, and notify the Manager, Devonport Magistrates Court.

Jim Connolly
14 August 2009