No. 1 of 2005

Application For Consent Orders Pursuant To 
The Relationships Act 2003

For improved efficiency in the management of applications for Consent Orders pursuant to the Relationships Act 2003, Form 36 ‘Application for Consent Orders’ and Form 37 ‘Consent Order’  are now available online at: Magistrates Court - forms.

When a Magistrate has granted an ‘Application for Consent Orders’ the Order will be communicated to the solicitor for the applicant and the solicitor for the respondent. The solicitor for the applicant is to transpose the Order on Form 37 and submit it electronically to the Registry at:

On receipt, the Order will be signed and sent to both solicitors.

It is envisaged that this procedure will enhance the management of the above Orders through the Court.

Jim Connolly
Administrator of Courts
17 March 2005