Coronial findings - 2014 and earlier

The Magistrates Court (Coronial Division) publishes a small but important amount of records of investigations and findings.

The decision to make these findings available has been made by the Chief Magistrate, or their delegate, or the coroner presiding over the particular investigation, under Coroners Rules 2006.

Publishing a finding is decided on an individual basis, but the coroner may take into account a number of factors:

  • the work of the courts being available to public scrutiny
  • the death prevention role of the coroner
  • family privacy
  • sensitivity of the findings
  • possible harm from making an investigation publically available

In general, authorised findings for publication will include:

  • all public inquest findings
  • motor vehicle crashes
  • long-term missing persons cases
  • homicides after the criminal process has been completed
  • any other death which has been reasonably widely reported in the news media for clarification of the factual findings
  • any death where health and safety recommendations can result in improvements and death prevention (for example, child protection systems issues, deaths in medical settings with recommendations for improvement)
  • any other matter which the coroner believes is in the public interest

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Table: Coronial findings - 2014 and earlier
Title & TASCD number Keyword
Young, Jeremy Dean (PDF, 354.2 KB)
2021 TASCD 192
Inquest, drugs & alcohol, misadventure, water related, drowning and intoxication with methamphetamine and other substances, Little Howrah Beach
XY - deidentified.pdf (PDF, 123.6 KB)
2022 TASCD 91
Morphine, Older Persons,
Woolley, Byron Balfour (PDF, 77.1 KB)
2021 TASCD 352
long term missing person, undetermined cause of death, Knocklofty Reserve
Wood, Stanley (PDF, 100.3 KB)
2022 TASCD 68
Coronial, unable to determine cause of death, vessel, fell, waters, bass strait.
Williamson, Shane Elliott; Rowe, Rodney Leo; and Robertson, Adam David (PDF, 141.8 KB)
389/21, 390/21; 391/21
motor vehicle accident, two vehicle crash, Bass Highway, Carrick, drugs and alcohol, methamphetamine, incorrect side of roadway, Coroner's comment
Williams, John Michael.pdf (PDF, 104.3 KB)
2022 TASCD 180
Death cannot be determined, Shorewell Park Burnie
Fisher, William (PDF, 402.8 KB)
2001 TASCD 48
body in fountain, burnt body, open finding, undetermined death.
Whitehouse, Kieren Jamie Wesley.pdf (PDF, 94.5 KB)
2022 TASCD 70
Speed and Alcohol
Wheldon, Jamie Damien.pdf (PDF, 106.0 KB)
2021 TASCD 639
Drugs, Bridge Program, Missiondale,
Westbrook, Eden Jayde (PDF, 314.2 KB)
2016 TASCD 318
Intentional self-harm, mental illness & health, youth, St Helens District High School, asphyxia, police investigation.
Wells, Peter Williams.pdf (PDF, 100.9 KB)
2021 TASCD 692
Quad Bike, Sandy Cape Track, Coroner's Recommendation
Wells, Kenneth James (PDF, 98.1 KB)
2021 TASCD 305
hypothermia, Launceston, Summerhill
Waters, Billy Ray.pdf (PDF, 76.3 KB)
2022 TASCD 44
Murder, Mayfield.
WAGG, Christopher William
2014 TASCD 199
Findings, Coronial, workplace, factory plant, paid work, zinc works, brain damage, mechanical asphyxia, neck compression, trapped, cherry picker, stairwell
Wade, Neville Ernest (PDF, 100.0 KB)
2021 TASCD 268
Older persons, acute myocardial ischaemia, coronary atherosclerosis, North West Regional Hospital, MET call, ECG results, Coroner's comment
Townsend, David Lester.pdf (PDF, 132.8 KB)
2021 TASCD 24
Intentional self-harm, mental illness & health, suicidal ideation, weapon, partial contact range gunshot wound of the head, psychiatrist, Department of Psychiatry, Guardianship and Administration Board, Firearms Act 1996.
Tilley, Jennifer May.pdf (PDF, 117.4 KB)
2021 TASCD 717
Death is undetermined, Schedule 8 substances
TETLEY, Barry Lindsay 2014 TASCD 246
sepsis, pneumonia, hospital death, Royal Hobart Hospital, Coronial finding, Tetley.
Helen Mary Badcock (PDF, 453.6 KB)
2021 TASCD 674
Launceston General Hospital, Older Persons
Sykes, Andrew Philip.pdf (PDF, 95.8 KB)
2022 TASCD 192
Seatbelt, Motor Vehicle Accident, Memana
Suter, Nigel Douglas.pdf (PDF, 98.0 KB)
2021 TASCD 547
Transport and traffic related, St Helens,
Sun, Lindi (PDF, 96.0 KB)
2021 TASCD 228
Drowning, rock fishing, not wearing a personal floatation device, PFD, Boltons Beach, Triabunna, Coroner's comment, Coroner's recommendation
Summers, Damian 2021 TASCD 691 (PDF, 1.7 MB)
2021 TASCD 691
Intentional self-harm, Statewide Mental Health Services, mental illness and health, Root Cause Analysis Report, Mental Health Act 2013, mental health facility rural or remote area, Coroner's recommendations
Craig Sullivan Findings (PDF, 549.3 KB)
Streets, Steven (PDF, 427.8 KB)
2022 TASCD 81
Coroner, motorcycle, rider, crash, lower limb, chest injuries, compound fractures, right leg bones, left pneumothorax, rib fractures
Street, Audrey (PDF, 383.1 KB)
2021 TASCD 115
Aged care, falls, older persons, physical health, closed traumatic head injury, Bishop Davies Court, Extended Care Assistant, enrolled nurse, Franklin Unit, nightly checks, delayed care.
Stokie, Stephen Wayne.pdf (PDF, 92.7 KB)
2022 TASCD 146
Motorcycle accident, West Tamar Highway
Stocks, Michelle Jayne (PDF, 121.3 KB)
2021 TASCD 234
Mixed prescription drug toxicity, accidental overdose, drugs & alcohol, central nervous system depressants, lung disease, physical health, pharmaceutical services branch, Poisons Act 1971, schedule 8 narcotic substances
Sterling, Barbara Lynette.pdf (PDF, 103.5 KB)
2021 TASCD 510
Drowning, River Derwent, Mental Illness and Health
Stephens, Vicki Lavinia.pdf (PDF, 85.6 KB)
2022 TASCD 161
Klebsiella Pneumonia Sepsis, Fall, Objection to Post-Mortem, RHH
Steffen, William Francis (PDF, 82.6 KB)
2021 TASCD 220
Long term missing person, 1985, cause of death unknown, circumstances unknown, Tasmania Police Missing Persons Unit, Queensland
ST (PDF, 96.1 KB)
2021 TASCD 45
Motorcycle crash, motorbike, youth, de-identified, transport & traffic related, fence post, avid motocross & enduro competitor, well-maintained & appropriate safety equipment, abdominal trauma, reminder of supervision
Sowden, James Robert (PDF, 597.0 KB)
2021 TASCD 393
coronial, coroner, suicide, stab wounds, neck and incised wounds to wrists
Shields, Sandra Mary.pdf (PDF, 288.9 KB)
2022 TASCD 151
Older Persons, Mental Health Act, Treatment Order
Selby, Robert Norman (PDF, 731.0 KB)
2021 TASCD 404
Coronial, coroner, Crash injuries, Chest and pelvis, Tractor crash
Scott, Paul Stephen.pdf (PDF, 193.9 KB)
2022 TASCD 98
Intentional Self-Harm, Mental Illness and Health, Spencer Unit
Salter, Lyndsay Kenneth.pdf (PDF, 121.8 KB)
2022 TASCD 235
Motor Vehicle Crash, Pulmonary Fat Embolism, Ralton & Mersey Main Road Junction
Rubenach, Timothy Luke (PDF, 141.1 KB)
2021 TASCD 179
aspiration pneumonia, National Disability Insurance Scheme, NDIS, palliative care, epilepsy, brain injury
Rouse, Rex (PDF, 496.9 KB)
2022TASCD 152
Coronial, Findings, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Pulmonary Embolism
Roberts Henry Arthur.pdf (PDF, 112.3 KB)
2021 TASCD 670
Industrial Accident, Crash Investigation
Ridgeon Beryl Jean (PDF, 135.0 KB)
2020 TASCD 651
Older persons, physical health, Mersey Community Hospital, gastroenteritis, ECG, myocardial infarction, haemopericardium, Root Cause Analysis, coroner's comment.
Renison_Decision_21-5-_08.pdf (PDF, 1.5 MB)
Reed, Ian William McDonald.pdf (PDF, 94.9 KB)
2022 TASCD 65
AstraZeneca, Intracerebral Haemorrhage,
Reardon, Michael Wayne.pdf (PDF, 103.2 KB)
2022 TASCD 192
Diabetes Mellitus, Schizophrenia, Care Arrangements
Reaks, Karen Tracey.pdf (PDF, 98.7 KB)
2021 TASCD 585
Drug Intoxication, Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety Disorder
Rallings, Geoffrey (PDF, 253.3 KB)
2001 TASCD 14
Coronial Missing Person
RA (PDF, 107.9 KB)
2021 TASCD 304
misadventure, fall from height, head injury, adolescent, youth, Penguin Primary School, Royal Hobart Hospital, North West Regional Hospital, Coroner's comment
Quirk, Stewart James (PDF, 99.0 KB)
2021 TASCD 497
motor vehicle accident, transport and traffic related, epilepsy, suspended licence, medically unfit to drive, driving unlicenced, Risdon Road
QG - Deidentified.pdf (PDF, 92.7 KB)
2022 TASCD 241
Drug use, methamphetamine, cardiac damage
PY.pdf (PDF, 107.3 KB)
2021 TASCD 496
Child and Infant Death, Sepsis, Royal Hobart Hospital
Price, Charles (PDF, 94.8 KB)
2021 TASCD 479
Long Term Missing Person, D'Entrecasteaux Channel, Probable Drowning, Water Related,
Porthouse, David John (PDF, 294.6 KB)
2021 TASCD 254
Royal Hobart Hospital, Whittle Ward, hospital, palliation, Guardianship Order, Guardianship and Administration Board, inquest
Pettigrew John Douglas.pdf (PDF, 151.5 KB)
2022 TASCD 4
Motor Vehicle Crash, Mood Food Service Station Kempton, Coroner's Recommendation
Pereira, Thomas.pdf (PDF, 95.6 KB)
2021 TASCD 636
Coroner's Comments, Seasonal Worker, Alcohol, Seat-Belt
Pearce, Jayden John.pdf (PDF, 103.1 KB)
2021 TASCD 637
Drugs, Criminal Charges, Motor Vehicle Accident
Parsons, Anna Maree.pdf (PDF, 402.4 KB)
2021 TASCD 587
Mixed Drug toxicity, Mental Health Plan, Schedule 8 substances,
Palmer, Wade (PDF, 118.4 KB)
2020 TASCD 701
Transport & traffic related, motorcycle crash, single vehicle crash, high speed, multiple trauma
O'Donnell, Margaret Joy.pdf (PDF, 135.6 KB)
2021 TASCD 720
Death cannot be determined, Schedule 8 substances
Nicholson, Dale Waverley.pdf (PDF, 104.2 KB)
2021 TASCD 648
Missing Person
Nguyen, Hanh Thi My and Dang, David Quan Hien SJC.pdf (PDF, 98.2 KB)
2022 TASCD 168
Motor Vehicle Collision, Midlands Highway, Methylamphetamine
Negga, Retbe Chide (PDF, 319.7 KB)
2021 TASCD 435
Inquest, work related, employment, accident, Derwent Valley, cherry orchard, trailer, SD Reid Holdings Pty Ltd, Reid Fruits, WorkSafe Tasmania
Mrs M.pdf (PDF, 107.4 KB)
2021 TASCD 458
Surgical Complications, Royal Hobart Hospital, Calvary Hospital.
Mr. K - 2014 TASCD 393
Mr T - 2013 TASCD 438
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania,motor cycle accident, cranial fractures,
Mitsakis, Stavros (PDF, 114.3 KB)
2020 TASCD 713
Domestic incident, falls, older persons, fall from a ladder, home maintenance, recommendations
Mitchell, Gordon Arthur David.pdf (PDF, 101.9 KB)
2022 TASCD 59
LGH, Acute Myocardial Infarction, Coroners Comments
Miss N (PDF, 235.7 KB)
2013 TASCD 347
hanging, suicide, anorexia
Midson, Gilbert Arthur.pdf (PDF, 111.4 KB)
2021 TASCD 456
Long Term Missing Person, Reportable Death, DNA,
Menzies, Mervyn Roy (PDF, 109.0 KB)
2021 TASCD 405
decision not to hold inquest, supervision order, Criminal Justice (Mental Impairment) Act 1995, Royal Hobart Hospital, aspiration pneumonia
Meerman, Michael (PDF, 376.2 KB)
2021 TASCD 329
Coronial, treatment order, ischaemic heart disease
McCoy, Mathew (PDF, 308.8 KB)
2021 TASCD 701
Undetermined death, Mental Illness & Health, Health Treatment Order, GAB Order
Mawer, Stephen Charles (PDF, 422.4 KB)
2022 TASCD 217
Self-inflicted burns, person held in custody, Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team, cordon.
Masters, Shane Anthony (PDF, 551.2 KB)
2022 TASCD 229
SUDEP, Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy, Aprin Transport Pty Ltd, Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995, Workplace Health and Safety Regulations 1998, WorkSafe Tasmania, reportable death, workplace injury.
Master T (PDF, 280.9 KB)
2021 TASCD 139
Inquest, child & infant death, person held in care, Care and Protection Order, Children, Young Persons and their Families Act 1997, multi-systemic disabilities, hypoxic brain injury secondary to a cardiorespiratory arrest
Marshall, David Basil (PDF, 94.9 KB)
2021 TASCD 287
undetermined cause of death, Penguin, natural causes
Mackey, Lois Winifred.pdf (PDF, 122.0 KB)
2022 TASCD 153
Decompensated Heart Failure, Elderly Persons, THS,
Lumley, Barry Alyn (PDF, 107.5 KB)
2021 TASCD 267
Falls, older persons, Meadow Mews Plaza, acute subdural haematoma, Launceston General Hospital Emergency Department, no CT scan, Canadian CT scan rule
LP - deidentified.pdf (PDF, 92.0 KB)
2022 TASCD 245
Bicycle Accident, Worksafe Tasmania, Garbage Truck
Lowe, Paul 2021 TASCD 684.pdf (PDF, 1.1 MB)
2021 TASCD 684
Drugs and alcohol, mental illness and health, physical health, epilepsy, Mental Health Act 2013, person held in care, methadone intoxication, Pharmaceutical Services Branch, methadone program, Alcohol and Drug Service, TOPP guidelines
Lockley, Shane Reginald.pdf (PDF, 113.1 KB)
2021 TASCD 487
Guardianship Order, Alcohol, Dementia
Lindburg, Jason Richard.pdf (PDF, 105.5 KB)
2021 TASCD 641
Mental Illness, Mental Health Act,
Le Roy, Carole Ann (PDF, 115.3 KB)
2020 TASCD 556
Intentional self-harm, mental illness & health, Royal Hobart Hospital, Clarence and Eastern Districts Adult Community Mental Health Service, Statewide Mental Health Services, Department of Psychiatry Open Unit, suicidal ideation, suicidal crisis, K Block, anti-ligature amenities
Lavoipierre, Andre Marc (PDF, 298.6 KB)
2022 TASCD 216
Exsanguination, hypovolemic shock complicating acute blood loss, Richmond Fellowship, Mental Health Act 2013, person held in care.
Lattimer, Joseph Aaron (PDF, 455.5 KB)
2021 TASCD 62
Inquest, intentional self-harm, asphyxia, hypoxic encephalopathy, mental illness & health, Royal Hobart Hospital Emergency Department, recommendations, government, Psychiatric Emergency Nurses (PENs), mental health services reforms
Larkins, Pamela Judith.pdf (PDF, 96.7 KB)
2021 TASCD 642
Motor Vehicle Accident, South Arm Road
Lane, Christopher Mark.pdf (PDF, 97.2 KB)
2021 TASCD 621
Motorcycle Crash, Annual St Helens to Strahan Off Road Motorcycle ride,
Lacroix, Adrian.pdf (PDF, 108.6 KB)
2021 TASCD 600
Alcohol, Intentional Self-Harm, Mental Illness, Transport and Traffic Related
LA.pdf (PDF, 109.4 KB)
2021 TASCD 473
Adverse Medical Effects, Acute Gastrointestinal, Hobart Private Hospital, Royal Hobart Hospital
KNIGHT,_Larry_Paul_-_2009_TASCD_25.pdf (PDF, 3.2 MB)
KN - deidentified.pdf (PDF, 105.6 KB)
2022 TASCD 80
LGH, Hypoxic Brain Injury,
Kirk, Rodney (PDF, 160.3 KB)
2022 TASCD 198
Guardianship Administration Board, Mental health Act, dementia, person held in care
King, Nicholas Brian.pdf (PDF, 99.7 KB)
2021 TASCD 539
mixed drug toxicity, long term drug use
Kelly, Brian John (PDF, 94.7 KB)
2020 TASCD 657
Accidental drug overdose, palliative care, end stage mesothelioma, hydromorphone toxicity, North West Regional Hospital, Emergency Department, Burnie, medical negligence, medical certificate of death, Coroner's comments,
Jones, Nathan John (PDF, 108.2 KB)
2021 TASCD 261
alcohol and drugs, illicit drugs, injection of methamphetamine, multiple organ failure, hypoxic encephalopathy due to cardiac arrest, misadventure
Johnson, Rowyn Jake (PDF, 131.7 KB)
2021 TASCD 266
motorcycle crash, transport and traffic related, motor vehicle accident, Launceston, unlicenced rider, rider at fault, drugs and alcohol, exceeding speed limit, disobey road rules, exceed alcohol limit, riding unlawfully, Coroner's comment, incompetent rider, ride unsafely, multiple severe trauma
Hyatt, Saxon George (PDF, 273.9 KB)
2021 TASCD 138
Inquest, intentional self-harm, law enforcement, mental illness & health, person held in custody, Risdon Prison, HMP Risdon
Hunn, Janine Mona (PDF, 96.0 KB)
2021 TASCD 333
hypoxic brain injury, epilepsy, seizure, Royal Hobart Hospital, Nexus supported living
Hume, Rosemary Josephine.pdf (PDF, 112.6 KB)
2021 TASCD 619
Motorcycle Crash, Bass Highway
Hosking, Leigh Mathew.pdf (PDF, 76.1 KB)
2022 TASCD 73
Alcohol and Drugs, Single Motor Vehicle Crash, Huon Highway
Homan, Geoffrey Brian.pdf (PDF, 109.3 KB)
2022 TASCD 101
Older Persons, Community Housing Limited, Recluse
Hildyard, Nicholas William (PDF, 112.0 KB)
Coronial, traumatic closed head injuries, motor vehicle crash,
HB (PDF, 145.8 KB)
2021 TASCD 350
child death, asthma, North West Regional Hospital, misdiagnosis, incorrect diagnosis, substandard medical treatment, Tasmanian Health Service, medico legal, Coroner's comments, Asthma Australia
Hayes, Emma Frances (PDF, 93.9 KB)
2021 TASCD 260
Drugs & alcohol, transport & traffic related, motor vehicle collision, Bass Highway, methamphetamine, MDMA, mobile phone
Hay, Geoffrey Robert.pdf (PDF, 96.9 KB)
2022 TASCD 8
Long Term Missing Person, Missing Persons Week
Hassanloo, Saeed (PDF, 546.5 KB)
2022 TASCD 105
Suicide, Tasman Bridge, drowning, asylum seeker
Hanson, Sungwaan (PDF, 414.2 KB)
2021 TASCD 232
Death in Care,Guardianship Order, IVB metastatic adenocarcinoma of the rectum, schizophrenia
Haigh, Kevin Bruce (PDF, 117.2 KB)
Coronial, drowning, boat, Maria Island, Rock Lobster, FV Yimbala, Life Jackets
Groves, Justin Thomas (PDF, 117.3 KB)
Coroner's, Coronial, Motor vehicle Crash, Blunt Traumas Injury to the head, lost control, seat belt
Griffiths, Deborah Renee (PDF, 293.0 KB)
2022 TASCD 63
coronial, passenger, two vehicle collison, multiple injuries, left side of body, chest or abdomen, arm and leg
Greene, Yvonne Beverley (PDF, 86.2 KB)
2021 TASCD 65
Coronial, stairs, step, fall, head injuries, blunt force,
Gray, Alan Maurice.pdf (PDF, 99.2 KB)
2022 TASCD 120
Traumatic closed head injury, Older Persons, Fall, Ambulance Tasmania
Gleeson, Craig; Lucas, Alistair & Welsh, Michael (PDF, 892.1 KB)
2021 TASCD 316
Work related, Copper Mines of Tasmania, Mount Lyell Mine, Queenstown, chest injuries, fall from height, asphyxia, mud rush, temporary work platforms, fall arrest equipment, WorkSafe Tasmania, hazard management, Coroners comments & recommendations.
Gibson, Roger Alan (PDF, 267.5 KB)
2021 TASCD 147
Older persons, physical health, Roy Fagan Centre, Emergency Guardianship Order, care, treatment and supervision, Alzheimer's disease, aspiration pneumonia.
Ghanbarzadeh, Masoud (PDF, 120.1 KB)
2021 TASCD 243
transport and traffic, motor vehicle crash, Brooker Highway, blunt traumatic injuries, alcohol and drug related, prescription medication, diazepam, oxazepam, tramadol, olanzapine, cannabis, THC, impaired driving
Geertsema, Darlene Avis (PDF, 491.0 KB)
2022 TASCD 280
Long Term Missing Person
Gardiner, Timmothy Matthew (PDF, 216.5 KB)
2022 TASCD 92
Gunshot, chest wound, accidental discharge, home-made firearm
Gaiswinkler, Anthony Adolf James.pdf (PDF, 98.2 KB)
2022 TASCD 131
Drowning, Derwent River
Freeman, Stuart Clyde Dew.pdf (PDF, 91.7 KB)
2022 TASCD 40
Motor Vehicle Crash, Alcohol,
Fowler, Alice Mary (PDF, 435.4 KB)
2021 TASCD 175
Inquest, falls, older persons, elderly persons, Royal Hobart Hospital, application pursuant to section 58 of the Coroners Act 1995, investigation re-opened, Coroner's comment, high falls risk
Forrest, Allan Leslie.pdf (PDF, 96.6 KB)
2022 TASCD 7
Medical Episode, Loss of Control
FL de-identified.pdf (PDF, 113.9 KB)
2022 TASCD 133
Hypoxic Brain Damage, Gastroschisis, Short Bowel Syndrome,
Fitz-gerald, Peter John (PDF, 106.1 KB)
Coronial, injuries, head injuries, aspiration, head and facial, acute alcohol intoxication
Fischer, Rodney James (PDF, 101.4 KB)
2021 TASCD 116
Coronial, single motor vehicle crash, multiple injuries, Toyota HiLux Utility, paddock, blunt trauma to the head, neck, thorax and arms, skull fractures, brusing of both lungs
Duggan, Philip Craig (PDF, 342.2 KB)
2022 TASCD 285
Self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, Death in Custody, Family Violence, Firearm.
EJ.pdf (PDF, 93.4 KB)
2021 TASCD 472
Child & Infant Death, Falls, Geographic, Leisure Activity, Conservation Area
Eaton, Jodi Michelle (PDF, 460.4 KB)
2019 TASCD 257
homicide, assault, asphyxia, Bridgewater, Darren Dobson, strangulation/choking, coroner's recommendations, recommendation of enactment of indictable offence of choking, suffocation or strangulation
Donohue, Tracey Lee.pdf (PDF, 103.1 KB)
2021 TASCD 718
LGH, Natural Causes, Heart Disease,
Dillon, Kelly John-RBW signed 19.05.22.pdf (PDF, 654.6 KB)
2022 TASCD 238
Pulmonary Thromboembolus, NOSS, Natural Causes
de Wit, Pauline Catherine Marie.pdf (PDF, 145.3 KB)
2022 TASCD 38
Motor Vehicle Crash, Midland Highway, Coroners Recommendations
PL (PDF, 253.4 KB)
2022 TASCD 147
Prosser River, head injury, ski biscuit, kill switch, Tahwalhi, Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST), Fatal Accidents Act 1934, Hanlon v Hanlon [2006] TASSC 1, Marine and Safety (Motorboats and Licences) By-laws 2013, Marine and Safety Authority Act 1997, Harbour Master Marine Board Hobart, 5 knots, minimum age, towing poll..
Davis, Graeme Charles (PDF, 122.6 KB)
2021 TASCD 176
Launceston General Hospital, sepsis, Medical Certificate of Death, Office of the Health Complaints Commissioner, poor medical treatment, entirely avoidable death
David, Nathaniel and Cheryl.pdf (PDF, 95.4 KB)
2022 TASCD 236
Two Vehicle Crash, Bass Highway near Exton,
Daly, Raymond Albert.pdf (PDF, 268.2 KB)
2021 TASCD 146
Older persons, physical health, Roy Fagan Centre, Guardianship and Administration Order, Public Guardian, care, treatment and supervision, dementia, aspiration pneumonia.
Dale, Colin Rex (PDF, 105.3 KB)
2021 TASCD 127
Water related, long term missing person, suspected death, undetermined cause of death, disappearance, intoxication, Fisherman's Wharf, Strahan.
Cupit, Leon Gordon.pdf (PDF, 92.1 KB)
2022 TASCD 72
Colebrook Road, Barton Vale Road Campania, Motorcycle accident
Cooper, Melanie Sarah 2021 TASCD 475.pdf (PDF, 121.9 KB)
2021 TASCD 475
Drug Use, Addiction, Embolic Strokes
Cooper, Joanne Dulcie.pdf (PDF, 102.2 KB)
2022 TASCD 136
Tea Tree Road, Motor Vehicle Accident
Collis, Mary.pdf (PDF, 278.9 KB)
2022 TASCD 150
Older Persons, Mental Health Act, Treatment Order
Clark-Robertson, Tyson Timothy (PDF, 117.7 KB)
2020 TASCD 37
Homicide & assault, missing person, murder, failing to report killing, accessory after the fact, hammer, Ian Rosewall, Renae Donald, Robert Broad, imprisonment
Clark, Philip Patrick (PDF, 252.7 KB)
2021 TASCD 148
Older persons, physical health, Roy Fagan Centre, Emergency Guardianship and Administration Order, care, treatment and supervision, advanced dementia.
CHUGG, Adrian David and BEAMISH, Bruce Anthony (PDF, 63.9 KB)
Bruce Anthony Beamish, Adrian Chugg
BEAMISH, Bruce Anthony and CHUGG, Adrian David (PDF, 63.9 KB)
Bruce Anthony Beamish, Adrian Chugg
Chugg, Ethan.pdf (PDF, 102.9 KB)
2022 TASCD 61
Motor Vehicle Crash, Alcohol, Seat Belt
Carver, Todd Andrew (PDF, 2.5 MB)
2021 TASCD 347
Inquest, re-investigation, work related, transport & traffic related, truck driver, De Bruyn’s, prime mover, laden fish tanker, fish run, Esperance Coast Road, rollover, crash, training, frame rise, air suspension, recommendations
Carnes, Wendy Maree.pdf (PDF, 110.5 KB)
2021 TASCD 315
transport and traffic related, motor vehicle accident, two vehicle accident, Melton Mowbray, Highland Lakes Road, Midlands Highway, prescription medication, tramadol, diazepam
Cano, Carmen (PDF, 92.6 KB)
2021 TASCD 380
Older Persons, Falls, Aged Care, Medical Certificate Cause of Death, Coroner's Finding, Physical Health
Campbell, Nancy.pdf (PDF, 293.3 KB)
2022 TASCD 149
Older Person, Mental Health Act, Treatment Order
Callinan, Damian Francis (PDF, 167.5 KB)
2022 TASCD 199
Guardianship and Administration Act, Mental Health Act, frontal glioblastoma multiforme, person held in care
Buhler, Finn Ruben Leo (PDF, 106.6 KB)
2021 TASCD 20
Transport & traffic related, single motor vehicle collision, car crash, Glenfern, Derwent Valley Council, recommendations
Bryers, Wallace Edgar (PDF, 398.7 KB)
318 TASCD 2021
Inquest, bee sting, bee venom, anaphylactic reaction, anaphylaxis, Tasiliquid Gold, bee apiary, beehives, Coroner's recommendations
Bruinewoud, Brieley Joyce.pdf (PDF, 97.4 KB)
2022 TASCD 79
Alcohol, Rookery Road
Breward, Bradley Wade.pdf (PDF, 78.7 KB)
2021 TASCD 672
Homicide, Lake Eugenana,
BR - deidentified.pdf (PDF, 111.5 KB)
2022 TASCD 100
SUDI, Risks of Co-Sleeping, Infant Death
Bowerman, Valerie Joy (PDF, 399.8 KB)
2021 TASCD 213
Inquest, falls, domestic incident, older persons, Ambulance Tasmania, paramedic, transport not required, transport refused, subdural heamatoma, Royal Hobart Hospital, recommendations
Borishkewich, Katherine.pdf (PDF, 139.7 KB)
2022 TASCD 255
Traumatic Closed Head Injury, Unwitnessed Falls,
Boon Alison Kim (PDF, 108.2 KB)
2021 TASCD 52
Coronial, peritoneal sepsis, multiple organ failure, bowel, perforation of the bowel.
Bogdanova, Rimma.pdf (PDF, 92.6 KB)
2022 TASCD 237
Pedestrian, Cause death by Negligent Driving
BL de-identified.pdf (PDF, 100.9 KB)
2022 TASCD 95
Mental Health Plan, Extensive Burns
Bester, Valentine Eric Neal (PDF, 130.9 KB)
2021 TASCD 582
Coronial, findings, drowning, Frederick Henry Bay, Tasmania, Paddle, Kayak, Rochus Beach, Lime Bay, PFD, Wetsuit, Weather Forecast, Paddle Safe Guidelines, MAST Surf Life Saving Tasmania
Bester, Alec Laurence (PDF, 294.3 KB)
2021 TASCD 233
Death in care, Roy Fagan, Guardianship Order, aspiration pneumonia complicating advanced multifactorial dementia. chronic alcoholism and emphysema
Besgrove, Trevor Scott (PDF, 101.7 KB)
2020 TASCD 591
undetermined cause of death, Bicheno
Berechree, Shelbi and Cooper-Rozynski, Isaack.pdf (PDF, 129.6 KB)
2022 TASCD 82
Motor Vehicle Accident, Arthur Highway, Double Fatality
Bennett, Anthony George.pdf (PDF, 114.0 KB)
2021 TASCD 681
Ischaemic heart disease, pulmonary disease, Royal Hobart Hospital
Beesley, Nathaniel Owen (PDF, 708.1 KB)
2022 TASCD 208
Savage River Mine, West Coast, Grange Resources Tasmania, SRG Global Limited, crush injuries, IRATA, WorkSafe Tasmania, manual scaling
Beames, Michael James (PDF, 117.6 KB)
2021 TASCD 309
Leisure activity, misadventure, sports related, water related, personal water craft, PWC, Jet Ski, drowning, could not swim, no personal floatation device, PFD, alcohol, no licence, inexperienced
AZ 2022 TASCD 60.pdf (PDF, 467.1 KB)
2022 TASCD 60
Mental Health Plan, Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital, Albert Road Clinic (ARC), Alum Cliffs.
AZ, CY and DX de-identified.pdf (PDF, 122.5 KB)
2022 TASCD 139
Drugs and Alcohol, Transport and Traffic Related, Ross
Attwood, Maurice.pdf (PDF, 111.7 KB)
2022 TASCD 96
Hospital acquired pneumonia, Fall, Calvary Hospital, Older Person
Alcohol - 2014 TASCDS 347, 348, 349, 350 (Word, 221.0 KB)
274 TCD 2013 - MR. B
Coroner, findings, poppy, thebaine, signs
Rosendale, Dwayne Edward (PDF, 376.1 KB)
2021 TASCD 631
Mental illness and health, physical health, person held in care, schizophrenia, morbid obesity, cardiac enlargement, Forensic Mental Health Service, Anglicare, Royal Hobart Hospital, coroner's recommendations
Infant Deaths (PDF, 8.0 MB)
2021 TASCD 551, 552, 553, 554, 555, 556, 557
Coroner's finding, joint inquest, child and infant death, youth, transport and traffic related, Child Safety Services, Department of Communities, Tasmania, child protection systems, Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy, co-sleeping, drowning, motor vehicle crash, exposure to risk
2014 TASCD 425 - RHODES, Luke Dale
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania, Drug Overdose
2014 TASCD 391 - INCHES, Christine Anne
2014 TASCD 346- APTED, Dale Robert
court,magistrate,magistrates,tasmania,australia,courts,coronial, morphine, intoxication
2014 TASCD 344 -DOUGAN, Kim Marlene Anne
motorcycle crash, severe trauma
2014 TASCD 327- FOX, Barbara Constance
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania,
2014 TASCD 325 - Ms I
2014 TASCD 318 - Mr H
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania,domestic accident, blunt force, ground surface, static object, fall, ladder, moveable step, unpowered equipment
2014 TASCD 317 - Mr G
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania,fall, blunt force, ground surface, ladder, moveable step, unpowered equipment
2014 TASCD 264 - RIGBY, Dayna Louise
2014 TASCD 262- TAYLOR, Craig Ewen
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania, , Drowning, body of water, threat to breathing, canoe, kayak, row boat, watercraft
2014 TASCD 260- CAMPBELL, Donald Laird
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania, drowning, water, weather, natural disasters, open sea, ocean, body of water
2014 TASCD 256- SCOTT, Ricky Charles
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania, , Drug overdose, poisioning, tramadol,codeine,morphine,amphetamine,diazepam,paracetamol, THC-COOH
2014 TASCD 252- ROBERTSON, Kylie
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania, Drug overdose, alcohol, alcoholic disease, poisoning by chemical
2014 TASCD 251- CLARK, Geoffrey Arthur
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania, Drowning, threat to breathing, open sea, ocean, fishing boat, trawler, watercraft
2014 TASCD 238 - JONES, Steven Paul
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania,overdose, drugs,
2014 TASCD 222 - HEENAN, Martin Francis
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania,overdose,, drug, alcohol, morphine, benzodiazepine, liver disease
2014 TASCD 221 - GRANT, Steven John
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania,overdose,alcohol, intoxication
2014 TASCD 210 - ROSEN, Elyssa Suzanne
Coroner, Tasmania, Findings, Diving, drowning, Tinderbox
2014 TASCD 202 - SKINNER, Timothy Mark
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania,drowning, threat to breathing, open sea, ocean, water, rocks, surf
2014 TASCD 201 - HART, Connor Robert Lincoln
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania,drowning, threat to breathing, open sea, ocean, water, rocks, surf
2014 TASCD 149- RICHARDS, Ruth Mary
Magistrates Court,Tasmania, Coronial Division, Blunt traumatic injuries, pedestrian hit by car, blunt force, transport injury,
2014 TASCD 124 -Drug Overdose
Drug, coroner, Tasmanis, mixed drug toxicity, methadone, amitriptyline, diazepam
2014 TASCD 066 - MCGAVIN, Richard Kenneth
Magistrates Court,Tasmania, Coronial Division, workplace fatalitity, roadworks, trucks,blunt force, pedestrian, heavy truck, crushing,
2014 TASCD 043- BABY R
Magistrates Court,Tasmania, Coronial Division, motor vechile fatality, blunt force, passenger, weather, rain,infant
2014 TASCD 04- CHAPPELL, Robert Adrian
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania,
2014 TASCD 025- MARRIOTT, Brendan Roy
Magistrates Court,Tasmania, Coronial Division, assault, gun shot, firearm, rifle, weapon,
2014 TASCD 021 - WHITE, Yvonne Lorraine
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania -Motor Vehicle Fatality, blunt injuries,vehicle occupant, passenger car,
2014 TASCD 000 - PERCY, Noel Alan
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania,death in custody, hanging, asphyxia
2014 TASCD 000 - BLASCHKE, Gordon Stefan
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania,overdose, drug,
2014 TASCD 345 - XEPAPAS, Stephen Sotorios
2013 TASCD 99- Mrs W
Findings, Coroner, drugs, toxicity, mixed prescription drugs, bipolar affective disorder
2013 TASCD 54 - Janice Peow Chye, FOO
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania.vehicle accident, tourist,head and neck injuries, blunt force, transport injury, vehicle occupant, minibus, passenger, transport
2013 TASCD 441- BURNS, Tanya Maree
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania,incineration, smoke inhalation, house fire, flame, smoke, fire, smoke, heating, thermal mechanism, elextric, gas radiator, heater
2013 TASCD 439- BOURKE, Simon Francis
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania, blunt traumatic injuries, aircraft, crash, ultra-light
2013 TASCD 437 - DALLEY, Paul Nicholas
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania, asphyxia, tractor, rolling
2013 TASCD 383 - GLOVER, Patricia Edna
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania.complications of health care, medical care, surgical, operation, gastroenterology device
2013 TASCD 374 -Unidentified female infant
2013 TASCD 349 - HAYERS, Aliesha Emily
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania.
Magistrates Court,Tasmania, Coronial Division, multiple organ failure, burns, hot bathwater, domestic accident
2013 TASCD 336 - SULLIVAN, Craig Anthony
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania, ruptre of a left frontal cerebral abscess, death in custody, dentention centre
2013 TASCD 272 - KNOWLES, Francis Joan
fall, nursing home, coroner,hospital
2013 TASCD 266 - BLAIN, Arthur Macfarlane
Findings, coroner, driver's licence, elderly, interstate licences, crash, transport, registrar of motor vehicles
2013 TASCD 256 - JOBLIIN, Robert John
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania, vehicle accident, blunt force, transport, passenger car, driver, rider, single motor vehicle accident, rail vehicle, train. railway,
2013 TASCD 255 - MRS D
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania, Suicde, Depression, motor vehicle exhause gas, poisioning, pressuired hose,pipe
2013 TASCD 253 - DAUNT, Linda
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania, vehicle accident, blunt force, transport, passenger car, driver, rider, single motor vehicle accident, head and chest injuries
2013 TASCD 236 - LINDSEY, Glen Michael
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania,fall, horse racing, harness, sulky, cart, industrial accident, brain injury, driver, rider, animal, horse
2013 TASCD 221 - Thomas, Andrew Michael
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania,Vehicle accident, blunt force, vechile occupant, tranport injury, driver, rider, operator
2013 TASCD 215 - PERRY, David
Coroner, Tasmania, recommendations, medical, medical examination, hookah, diving, warnging
2013 TASCD 213 - RAINBOW, Zac Cameron
Coroner, Tasmania, recommendations, Asphyxia, pram, strollers, pushers, threat to breathing, infatn, child,
2013 TASCD 212 - CLARKE, Benjamin David
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania, Drowning, fishing, sea, ocean, threat to breathing, paid work, rock lobster, crab potting. countryside
2013 TASCD 211- WHAYMAN, Timothy Glenn
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania, Drowning, fishing, sea, ocean, threat to breathing, paid work, rock lobster, crab potting. countryside
2013 TASCD 21 - WEBB, Zane David
Findings, Coroner, death in custody, epilepsy
2013 TASCD 189 - CHURCH, James Peter
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania, Head Injury, Fall from Height, blunt force, contact static obeject, building
2013 TASCD 186- WOOD, Beverley Joan
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania, neck and chest injuries, pinned under own car,blunt force, vehicle occupant, transport injury, passenger car
2013 TASCD 182 - DONNELLY, Trevor Darren Matthew
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania, Drowning, alcohol, threat to breathing, body of water, spa, hot tub, above-ground swimming pool
2013 TASCD 173 - BAKES, Walter Charles
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania,Asphyxia, smoke inhalation, house fire, flame, smoke, fire, smoke, heating, thermal mechanism, elextric, gas radiator, heater
2013 TASCD 171- WELLS, Kerry John
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania, Motor Vehicle Crash, Blunt Force, Transport Injury Event, Vehicle Occupant, Heavy Transport Vehicle, Thermal Mechanism, Heating, Fire or Flame
2013 TASCD 154 - Mr D
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania - Drowning, depression, threat to breathing, river, stream, creek, water
2013 TASCD 150- Mr W
Findings, Coroner, drugs, toxicity, mixed prescription drugs
2013 TASCD 144 - WHILEY, Stanley Valentine
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania ischaemic heart disease, complications of health care, adverse effects related to drugs, pharmaceutical substance, analgesic,antipyretic,antirheumatic and morphine
2013 TASCD 143 - SALTER, Phillip John
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania, Acute Myeloid Leukemia,
2013 TASCD 142 - MCKINLAY, James Stirling
Magistrates Court,Tasmania, Coronial Division, Fungsl Infection, Abdominal Surgery, Medical/Surgical Device, Hospitial, Surgical Pack, Complications of Health Care
2013 TASCD 141 -Mr K
Coroner, findings, Motor Vehicle Accident, Blunt Force, Tranport Injury Event, Vehicle Occupant, Motor Vehicle Crash,
2013 TASCD 122 - WHITELEY, Nicholas Martin
2013 TASCD 102 -ROBBINS, Leanne
Magistrate, Coroner, findings, recommendations, Motor Vehicle Crash, Fatal Blunt trauma injuries,
2013 TASCD 095 - OSBOURNE, Liam Robert
2013 TASCD 067 - WOOLLEY, Damien Leigh
Coroner, orchard, death, hydrolic mat roller, 'extenday'
2013 TASCD 065 - MACROW, Randolph Brian
Magistrates Court, Tasmania, Coronial, Suicide, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
2013 TASCD 038 - YORK, Joanne Jean
2013 TASCD 036 - HIGLETT, Geoffrey William
Coroner, Magistrate, Hobart, Coronial, recommendations, tractor, farming, slasher, Bruny Island
2013 TASCD 023 - SHAW, Rebecca Jane
Coroner, findings, Motor Vehicle Accident, Blunt Force, Tranport Injury Event, Vehicle Occupant, Motor Vehicle Crash,
2013 TASCD 022 - KNOTT, Alicia Ellen
Coroner, findings, Motor Vehicle Accident, Blunt Force, Tranport Injury Event, Vehicle Occupant, Motor Vehicle Crash,
2013 TASCD 163 - Mr. H
2012 TASCD 90 - BOOTH, Lonnie
2012 TASCD 82 - BABY H
2012 TASCD 444 - Mr C
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania, drug intoxication, morphine,
2012 TASCD 377 - Ms C
Coroner, findings, suicide, hanging
2012 TASCD 376 - Master P
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania -infanct, co-sleeping, sleeping with parents, threat to breathing, bed sharing,
2012 TASCD 369 - TAYLOR, Zack Wayne
Coroner, Suffocation, Talcum Powder
2012 TASCD 354 - Mr M
Coroner, findings, suicide
2012 TASCD 349 - DINGLE, Simon Duncan
Coroner, recommendations, traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage, blunt force inhuries, head and neck injuries,
2012 TASCD 340 - SCOTT, Beverley Dawn
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania, chest injuries, blunt force, falling, stumbling, falling same level, glass door, door, building, exposure to recent surgery, medical/surgical device, general hospital
2012 TASCD 339 - JAFFRAY, Reginald John
2012 TASCD 316 - Ms W
2012 TASCD 315 - BURMISTER, Garry Paul
2012 TASCD 314 - Ms F
2012 TASCD 312 - TREZONA, David Kenneth
2012 TASCD 303 - Ms L
2012 TASCD 290 - BOURKE, Melanie Patricia
2012 TASCD 289 - BROOKS, William Vernon
2012 TASCD 288 - HARRIS, David John
2012 TASCD 286 - MS R
2012 TASCD 285 - IND, Stephen David
2012 TASCD 272 - MS M
2012 TASCD 268 - DENT, Jonathan Paul
2012 TASCD 267 - MISS R
2012 TASCD 266 - BINGLEY, Andrew Bruce Erskine
2012 TASCD 264 - TAYLOR, Samuel George
2012 TASCD 246 - MR B
2012 TASCD 245 - HAY, Sandra Winifred
2012 TASCD 224 - BREEN Donald Martin
2012 TASCD 223 - ARCHER, Colin Gladstone
2012 TASCD 209 - CASELY, Gary Robert
2012 TASCD 205 - BINGLEY, Andrew Bruce
2012 TASCD 202 - BABY A
2012 TASCD 200 - BABY W
2012 TASCD 196 - GIULIANI, Paul
2012 TASCD 194 - STEWART, Robert Claude
2012 TASCD 192 - COOPER-WHITE, Leo Thomas
2012 TASCD 188 - MR B
2012 TASCD 152 - MRS M
2012 TASCD 151 - BELLETTE-COUTS, Ashley Philisity Maree
2012 TASCD 144 - POHLNER, Kenneth Kim
2012 TASCD 142 - MUIRHEAD, Samantha
2012 TASCD 141 - KUOL, Kuol Piyom
2012 TASCD 138 - MUNNINGS, Helen Karel
2012 TASCD 136 - SALLESE, Nicola
2012 TASCD 134 - PEGG, William Edward
2012 TASCD 131 - SHOOBRIDGE, Diana Muriel
2012 TASCD 124 - FUNARI, Rachel
2012 TASCD 115 - Sherriff, John Charles
Coroner, Calvary Hospital, haemoperitoneum, laparoscopic hemicolectomy, caecal tumour, complication of surgery
2012 TASCD 112 - ANDERSON, Brendan Kenneth
2012 TASCD 094 - NEWTON, Blake Marcus
Overdose, Coroner, depression, combined drug intoxication, RHH
2012 TASCD 092 - LEVI, Rene
Magistrate, Coroner, Tasmania, Bicheno, drug, drugs, overdose, suicide, bystander, bystander effect, bipolar, abuse, dependence, benzodiazepine dependence, depression, alcohol, drug toxicity, toxicity, venlafaxine, diazepam, self harm,, Kitty Genovese (1935-1964), psychologist, social, psychoogical phenomenon, John Darley, Bibb Latane, research
2012 TASCD 087 - BATCHELOR, Ruth Marina
2012 TASCD 084 - SZABO, Eric Andrew
2012 TASCD 079 - RAYMENT, Dennis George
Coroner, warning, crushing, tree, tree fellers, hazardous, proper tree felling techiques
2012 TASCD 072 - DENMAN, Gloria Jean
Coroner, fire, housebound, television, carbon monoxide, operating smoke alarm, smoke alarm.
2012 TASCD 052 - GUNN, Donna Sharee
Motor Vehicle, Crash, Coroner, Tasmania, Driver, Fatigue, warning, driver fatigue, working fatigue
2012 TASCD 049 - FAZACKERLEY-WATSON, Corey Albert
Coroner, findings, court, drug overdose, alprazolam, drug treatment order, illicit drugs, Fazackerley-Watson, Robert Pearce
2012 TASCD 027 - SMITH, Christine Julie
Coroner, findings, mental health, Royal Hobart Hospital, RHH, hypoxic brain injury, drugs, emergency department, Psychiatry ward, benzodiazepine withdrawal.
2012 TASCD 026 - SNAPE, Ann
2012 TASCD 014 - LOVELL, Marcus Dean
2011 TASDCD 127 - PARSELL, Sadie Olive
Coroner, Tasmania, Barrington Lodge, fall, elderly, broken nock of femur, broken hip, AT, Ambulance Tasmania, delay, RHH, Royal Hobart Hospital
2011 TASCD 450 - BLACKABY, Karen Elizabeth
2011 TASCD 449 - WILLIAMS, Jeffrey Ray
Findings, Coroner, Workplace Standards, unsafe work practices, tractor, crushing, farm, maintenance of equipment
2011 TASCD 442 - BEER, Vaughan Matthew
Tasmania, Coroner, vehicle, crash, methadone, recommendations, driver impairment, cannabis, fatigue, drugs
2011 TASCD 422 - MR. M
Hospital, coroner, recommendation, patients, communication, surgery, communication issues, medical staff, medical procedure
2011 TASCD 421 - CLARKE, Christine Jan
Coroner, findings, electrocution, frying pan, hypertensive heart disease.
2011 TASCD 415 - MONEY, Douglas
Coroner, findings, undetermined, 'Loru'
2011 TASCD 410 - MENNITZ, Russell, Alfred
crash, motor vehicle, Queenstown
2011 TASCD 408 - DOYLE, Zachary George
Coroner, recommendations, fatality, crane, farming, Perseverance, Roaring Beach, Dover, workplace, safe operation, training, risk assessment,
2011 TASCD 403 - MR W.
Coroner, findings, Langford, ashphyxia, death in care, recommendations, emergency alert device
2011 TASCD 402 - MR S
Findings, Coroner, drugs, medication, temazepam, sertraline
2011 TASCD 398 - NEWELL, Christopher James
Overdose, Coroner, depression, combined drug intoxication, RHH
2011 TASCD 393 - BEAMES, Norman Valentine
Hospital, NWRH, North West Regional Hospital, CT scan, contrast agent injected, reaction, Isovue, iodine
2011 TASCD 391 - CONNOR, Kelvin John
2011 TASCD 387 - SLACK, Bobby Ray
Coroner, shark, Bruny Island, diviing, abalone
2011 TASCD 386 HULL, David Jocelyn
Finding, Coroner, drowning, boat, fisherman, Historial Missing Person, 'The Narrows", Marion Bay
2011 TASCD 370 - Mr K
Coroner, hanging, mental health, mental health services, NWRH
2011 TASCD 364 - Mr. L
2011 TASCD 354- Suicide for Publication
Coroner, Suicide, Firearm, Depression
2011 TASCD 347 - HOWELL, Rodney Peter
Diving, Coroner, gas embolism, regulator, dive, Hookah, dangerous activity, equipment faults
2011 TASCD 344 - GLEESON, Cherry
Coroner, findings, hyperthermia, environmental heat exposure, entrapment in boot, alcoholic, alcohol
2011 TASCD 343 - TIPPER, Pamela Mary
Coroner, alchol, choking, food, steak, choking on food, emphysema, bronchiolitis, hypertensive cardiovascular disease, Goodwood
2011 TASCD 340 - BOWKETT, Damien Steven
Coroner, Motor Bike Accident, Blunt Force, Transport Injury, Motorcyclist/Motorcycle Rider, Fracture of base of the Skull, Fracture of Ribs, Pelvic Bones, recommendation, speeding, speed, unfamiliar road, correctly inflated tyres, maintenance
2011 TASCD 319 - WAUGH, Claire Louise
Coroner, recommendations, suicide, DHHS, 1E, Northside, suspension points, hospital , LGH, Launceston General Hospital, Mental Health, Mental Health Act 1996, involuntary patient, death in care, recommendation, suicide risk, THC, amphetamines, cannabis, methylamphetamine, Health Act, Tasmania, Launceston,
2011 TASCD 306 - MURRAY, Xavier
Coroner, findings, recommendations, multiple births, infant, twins, preganacy, "Multiple pregnancy policy" hospital, paediatrician, birth asphyxia, hospital, Calvary Hospital, Royal Hobart Hospital.
2011 TASCD 300 - Lovell, Robbie
2011 TASCD 298 - KUKULJEVIC, Peter Cecil
Coroner, Tasmania, Recommendations, Murchison Highway, Tullah, Crash, speed, lost control, overtaking
2011 TASCD 29 - WOOLLEY, Raelene Judith
2011 TASCD 271 - LIMBRICK, Jeffrey David -
Coroner, finding, recommendation, RHH, NWRH, Royal Hobart Hospital, North West Regional Hospital, liver, liver dysfunction, complications
2011 TASCD 268 - GRICE, Billy John
2011 TASCD 268 - ALLEN, Judith Louise
Findings, coroner, recommendations, lap band surgery, Jehovah Witness, surgery, blood loss, surgery, RHH, autologous blood transfusions,
2011 TASCD 258 - RANSLEY, Shane Allan
Coroner, Findings, recommendations, Tasmania, crane, 'Franna", "29 tonne Franna crane", crane driver, speed, cannabis, THC, seat belt
2011 TASCD 257 - Motorcycle Accident
Motorcyle Crash, Blunt Force, Motorcyclist/Motorcycle Rider, Motorised Two or Three Wheeled Vehicle
2011 TASCD 256 - Baby RL
Coroner, Tasmania, baby, infant, Child Protection, premature, inquest, RHH
2011 TASCD 254 - MAHER, Kayla Maree
Coroner, recommendations, findings, motor vehicle crash, THC, passenger, male drivers, young male drivers, Novice Licensing system, Road Safety, Road Safety Strategy, driver, safety, curfews, vehicle power restrictions, DIER, alcohol interlock,
2011 TASCD 249 - REYNOLDS, Chrystal Tina
Findings, coroner, tasmania, recommendation, recommendations, methadone, amphetamines, cannabis, methadone programme, prescribing guidelines, TOPP, Tasmanian, Opioid Pharmacotherapy Program Policy.
2011 TASCD 212 - CUBIT, Ross Donald
Coroner, recommendation, Tasmania, drowning, alcohol, intoxication, race, life jacket, 'Storm Boy' yacht, "Pipe Opener", Derwent Sailing Squadron, rough, seas, weather, overboard, PFD, yachtsman
2011 TASCD 206 - WIGGINS, Charles Thomas
Coroner, recommendations, chainsaw, logging, clear felling, tree, bushman, tree-feller, Gunns, Work Place Standards, WST, safety helmetlogs, slippery, unsafe work practices, training, forest, harvesting, hazardous, Forestry Tasmania.
2011 TASCD 205 - BUENGER, Hans
2011 TASCD 204 -BUENGER, Gisela
2011 TASCD 2011 - LAWRENCE, Jay Harli
2011 TASCD 180 - Baby T
Findings, coroner, recommendation, safe sleeping, co-sleeping, sids, kids, DHHS, educating, parents
2011 TASCD 175 - HARRIS, Leonie
Coroner, coronial, magistrate, court, recommendations, missing, downed, boating,
2011 TASCD 174 - HARRIS, John Phillip
court,magistrate,magistrates,tasmania,australia,courts,coronial, Downed, Missing, Boating, Fisherman
2011 TASCD 172 -ARKINSTALL, Christine Alainie
2011 TASCD 171 - BEHREND, Adam Michael
2011 TASCD 170 - PEDDER, Danny Allan
2011 TASCD 169 - MOORE, Craig Robert
2011 TASCD 167 - STEELE, Roger
Coroner, Royal Hobart Hospital, RHH, ED, Emergency Department, protocols, triage, chest pain, ischaemic heart disease, Myocardial Perfusion Scan
2011 TASCD 166 - ZEWDU DESTA, Desalegn
Coroner, Tasmania, Cambridge, garbage truck, left hand drive, fatality, recommendations, seat belts, unsafe driveing, negligent driving
2011 TASCD 163 - HOWELLS, Theresa Rachael
Coroner, hanging, drugs, psychiatric problems, history of self harm
2011 TASCD 152 - CHAPMAN, Lennox Paul
2011 TASCD 132 - WAITE, Raymond Frederick
Findings, coroner, recommendations, recommendation, RHH, Royal Hobart Hospital, fall, X-ray, care, duty of care, DEM, Department of Emergency Medicine, doctor, geriatric, geriatric patients, elderly
2011 TASCD 131 - DAVIES, Joffre George
Coroner, Magistrate, Hobart, pedestrian, decreased mobility, poor eyesight, crash, unroadworthy.
2011 TASCD 130 -BARDENHAGEN, Guy Anthony
2011 TASCD 126 - LEE, Basil Alexander
2011 TASCD 125 - HOLLOWAY, Maxine Frances
Coroners, Findings, Coroner, drugs, drug, overdose, centrelink, pension, quetiapine, depression, paranoid delusions, schchizophrenia
2011 TASCD 121 - BAILEY, Elwyn Aubrey
2011 TASCD 115 - MS K
Coroner, magistrate, Court, swine flu, hospital, Mersey Community Hospital, Ambulance, Tasmania recommendation, Klippel-Feil, autism, flu, H1N1 90, management, patient, delay
2011 TASCD 114 - WILLCOX, Clint Anthony
Coroner, Findings, motor cycle, racing, endurance, riding, Preolenna, TERC, Tasmania Endurance Racing Club, crash
2011 TASCD 113 - PALECEK, Anna
Coroner, Tasmania, Hobart, Highway, Pedestrian, crossing, crash, injuries, car
2011 TASCD 070 -WILLIAMS, Sher-Ron Louise
Coroner, findings, recommendations, Tasmania, Australia, pedestrian, Brooker Highway
2011 TASCD 043 - VALENTINE, David Francis
Coroner, Coronial, Tasmania, Magistrates, Australia, Mental Health Patient, Bipolar,
2011 TASCD 042 - YOUNG, Jennifer Betty
Coroner, findings, recommendation, recommendations, overdose, drugs, quetiapine, benzodiazepam, pancreatitis, addiction, prescribed medication.
2011 TASCD 036- DAVIS, Timothy Graham
Coroner, Coronial, Magistrate, Court, Hobart, Tasmania, life jackets, boat, safety, warning, recomendation, drowning, alcohol, Dover Hotel, RSL, boat size, age of occupants, PFD's, weather conditions, personal floatation devices
2011 TASCD 030 - WILLIAMS, Claire Anne
Coroner, recommendations, Hobart, recommendation, hospital, nursing home, Freemasons, digitalis, toxicity, RHH, chronic renal failure, digoxin
2011 TASCD 026 - KELTY, Jackson
2011 TASCD 025 - DERMODY, Brendan William
2011 TASCD 024 - KILBY, Clement Bernard
2011 TASCD 023 - STURGESS, Ben Samuel
Recommendation, coroner, Tasmania, Magistrate, Court, vehicle, 4WD, snatch straps, tow bar, recovery operations, danger
2011 TASCD 01 MCLEOD, Alastair James Douglas
2011 TASCD 228 - LITTLEJOHN, Regan Anne
Coroner, findings, Tasmania, warning, tractor, farm, machinery, agricultural, children, infants, WST, work place standards, risk, danger, preventable, toddler
2011 TASCD 213 - LEE, Duncan Joseph
Coroner, Tasmania, mental health, mental illness, suicide, drowning, jump, bridge
2011 TASCD 073 - Suicide for Publication
Recommendation, coroner, Tasmania, Magistrate, Court, Suicide, Firearm, Smoking, Anti Smoking Drug, Champix, Weapon
2011 066 TASCD - JOHN, Glyn Edwin
Coroner, recommendations, ambulance, tasmania, AT, ladder, fall, domestic duties, home, safety
Coroner, Magistrate, NWRH, North West Regional Hospital, warning, diabetes, hypoglycaemia, medical treatment, Type II diabetes, obese
Fall, elderly, roof, coroner, warning, worplace health and safety, ladder, falls
2010 TASCD 423 - Baby J
2010 TASCD 421 - Baby R
Coroner, findings, recommendations, Tasmania, co-sleeping, infant, baby, Child Protection, DHHS, Department of Health & Human Services, baby, SIDS, CPS, alcohol, depression, family violence, suffocation, safe sleeping guidelines,
2010 TASCD 418 - STEIN, Joshua Phillip
Recommendation, coroner, Tasmania, Magistrate, Court, vehicle, 4WD, snatch straps, tow bar, recovery operations, danger
2010 TASCD 416 -BRYANT, Eileen Margaret
Hospital, coroner, recommendation, TAS, Tas Ambulance Service, fall, medication, care, treatment, Ouse, Amitriptyline, Tranadol
2010 TASCD 413 - CRACKNELL, Dorene May
Coroner, Magistrate, Court, Tasmania, recommend, recommendations, falls, elderly, hospital, Calvary Health, fall, medical notes, 'falls risk' assessment, health professionals.
Coroner, Tasmania, drug overdose, paracetamol, recommendation, warning, overdose, toxicity, venlafaxine, depression, mental illness
2010 TASCD 387 - NICHOLS, Timothy David
recommendations, coroner, magistrate, LGH, mental health, suicide, hanging, patient, psychiatric, review
2010 TASCD 371 - PARREMORE, Ricky James
Coroner, Findings, Recommendations, Warning, Hobart, Tasmania, crash, jetty, alcohol, THC, mixed drug intoxication, entrapment, alprazolam, diazepam, oxycodone, methadone, morphine, methylamphetamine, driving, intoxication
2010 TASCD 361 - GREEDY, Judd Robert
Coroner, coronial, magistrate, court, recommendations, mining, work place standards, WST, findings, Fingal, Cornwall Coal, legislation, mine, fatality, Inspector, Inspector of Mines,
2010 TASCD 342 - SHAW, Albert
Coroner, Magistrate, Recommendations, Recommendation, fall, elderly, nursing home, care, observation, nurse, nurses, patient, failure to monitor, Stathaven.
2010 TASCD 340 - YOUNG, Luke Andrew
2010 TASCD 339 - YOUNG, Julie Rosemarie
2010 TASCD 311 - HAYES, Adrian Brian
Coroner, coronial, magistrate, court, recommendations, mining, work place standards, WST, findings, Fingal, Cornwall Coal, legislation, mine, fatality, Inspector, Inspector of Mines,
2010 TASCD 278 - ROGERS, James Tasman
Magistrate, Coroner, findings, recommendations, alcohol, sport, government, report, football, cricket, AFL, acute ethanol toxicity, alcohol poisoning
2010 TASCD 277 - GREEN, Mark Leslie
Magistrate, Coroner, recommendation, alcohol, drinking, ecstasy, cannabis, fall, stairs, warning
2010 TASCD 247 - HEPBURN, Blair Anthony
Coroner, Magistrate, Hobart, Coronial, recommendation, trampoline, helment, child, asphyxia, entanglement, entangled, bicycle helmet, accident, clothesline
2010 TASCD 246 - PIPKIN, Glenn Patrick
2010 TASCD 213 - GUISE, Gabriel Robert Patrick
2010 TASCD 212 - GUISE, Mickael Francis
2010 TASCD 211 - APPLEBY, Justin Luke
2010 TASCD 209 - DEAN, Michael Laurence
Coroner, Coronial, Court, Magistrate, Drug, Drugs, PTSD, post traumatic stress syndrome, register, general practitioners, doctor, doctors, depression, mental illness, overdose, multiple practitioners, multiple drug toxicity, moclobemide, venlaxafine, zopidone, fluoxetine, oxazepam
2010 TASCD 183 - TSAPOGIAS, Dimitrios
2010 TASCD 182 - GARDINER, Royden Shane
2010 TASCD 181 - SMART, David Geoffrey
2010 TASCD 180 - SMART, Sharon Leigh
2010 TASCD 110 - DOODT, Russell Charles
Magistrate, Coroner, Tasmania, Bicheno, drug, drugs, overdose, suicide, bystander, bystander effect, bipolar, abuse, dependence, benzodiazepine dependence, depression, alcohol, drug toxicity, toxicity, venlafaxine, diazepam, self harm,, Kitty Genovese (1935-1964), psychologist, social, psychoogical phenomenon, John Darley, Bibb Latane, research
2010 TASCD 055 - NA CHAMPASSAK, Luc Ryan
Coroner, coronial, Hobart, Tasmania, Infant, death, hospital, HPH, Hobart Private Hospital, RHH, Royal Hobart Hospital, recommendations, "the private", neonatal, neonatal intensive care, sudden unexpected death, baby, new born, infant, pneumonitis, pneumonitis from inhaled squamous epithelial cells, bronco-pneumonia,continuous foetal monitoring, syntocinon augmented labours, pediatrician, perinatologist, protocols, observation of newly born infants, birth, examination of new born babies, midwife, midwives, guidelines, documentation, obstetrician, paediatricians, Root Cause Analysis, improved practices.
2010 TASCD 025 - TROTTER, Monty William
Coroner, coronial, magistrate, Launceston, Court, Train, work, recommendations, safety, recommendation, ANL, train, rail, workplace, health, compliance audits, Rail Safety Regulator, Wagon, repair, Union, Pacific national Tasmania, Safety Notices, recommendations
2010 TASCD 017 - Motor Vehicle Crash
Magistrate, Court, Investigation, motor vehicle crash, crash, coroner, suicide, findings, Midland Highway, Jericho, truck, mental health, depression
2010 TASCD 001 - COLSON, David James -
Magistrate, Coroner, Tasmania, Australia, Findings, Recommendations, work, workplace, diving, abalone, safe work practices, sea, Perkins Island, Smithton, commercial fishing industry, hyperthermia, boat, sinking, deckhand, quota, EPRIB, distress flares, failure to carry life jackets, life jackets, training, Coxwain, vessel load, Tasmaia police, training, marine incidents,bilge pump, fitted buoyancy, safety, legislation, searches
2010 TASCD 422 - TRIFFETT, Nicholas Edwin
Findings, Coroner, recommendations, Magistrate, truck, work, Irishtown, crash, bolt, bolts,
2010 TAS CD 248 - SMITH, Neville Robert
Magistrate, Court, Coroner, Tasmania, drowning, recommendation, Couta Rocks, Arthur River, drown, life jacket, cray pot, inflate life jacket, failure
2010 TAS CD 245 - CRACK, Jesse Roy
2009 TASCD 357 - Infant
2009 TASCD 250 - Motor Vehicle Crash
Coroner, Magistrate, Court, Coronial, driver, drinking, alcohol, high blood alcohol concentration, RSA, responsible service alcohol, 'P' plater, provisional licence, road, DIER, hospitality industry
2009 TASCD 25- KNIGHT, Larry Paul - Coronial Findings and Recommendations
Larry Paul KNIGHT, inquest, inquest findings, mining, hard rock, rockfall, Beaconsfield, mine collapse, ground support, workplace death, workplace standards
2009 TASCD 234 - Motor Vehicle Crash
Tasmania, Margate, Coroner, Coronial, Magistrate, recommendation, motor vehicle crash, recommendations, driver, truck, volvo, key, keys, ignition, Nissan, Datsun, disengage engine, safety, keys in ignition, dangerous, steering, education, mechanics
2009 TASCD 216 MARTINEZ, Josue Jonathan Francisco
motor vehicle crash - fatal - police officer - excessive speed
Magistrate, Tasmania, Australia, Coroner, Coronial, hospital, surgery, dangers, warning, lab band, weight reduction, hospital, RHH, Hobart Private Hospital, Doctor, operation
2009 TAS CD 239 - MYER FIRE
Court, Magistrate, Hobart, Tasmania, Coroner, Coronial, recommendations, falls, elderly, personal alarms, personal protection, alone, home, old, fracture, neck of femur, RHH, failure to report death, Royal Hobart Hospital.
2008 TASCE 116 - PEARCE, Evan Redmond
Magistrate, Coroner, Tasmania, crash, recommendations, alcohol, "p" platers, license, drivers, speed, alcohol, peer passengers, vehicles, restriction, parental supervision, inexperience, drivers, inexperienced drivers, offender, offender drivers, education,
Coroner, Coronial, Magistrate, Court, Hobart, Tasmania, life jackets, boat, safety, warning, recomendation, drowning, alcohol, Dover Hotel, RSL, boat size, age of occupants, PFD's, weather conditions, personal floatation devices
2008 TASCD 187 to 190 - SIDS
Magistrate, Court, Tasmania, Australia, Coroner, Coronial Coroners, recomendation, recommendations, SIDS, sudden infant death, death, infant, recommendations, alcohol, bed, bedding, sleeping, co-sleeping, smoke, cigarette, cigarrettes, tri-pillows, overlaying, bedding, bed sharing, prematurity, low birth weight, paediatric, paediatrician, asphyxia, safe sleeping practices, training package, hospital, education, SUDI, training, guidelines
2008 TASCD 140 - PEARCE, Sidney Thomas
2008 TASCD 139 - LISTER, Matthew David
2008 TASCD 138 - JONES, Jarrod Keith
2008 TASCD 106 - Intentional Firearm
Coroner, Magistrate, Hobart, Tasmania, suicide, gun, guns, hospital, doctor, medication, recommendation, Launceston, Launceston General Hospital, Ward 1E., recommendations, recommendation, hopsital, treatment, depression, general practitioner, psychiatrist, review process, DEM, department of emergency medicine, mental health, mental health patients, rifle, gun safe, safety, patient, written records, hospital records
Magistrate, Court, Tasmania, Coroner, coronial, Finding, Findings, drugs, prescription, prescribing, overdose, accidental, open, recommendations, recommendation, misunderstanding, propoxyphene, community, addiction, pharmacological, protocols, medical practitioners, prescribing, standance, dependence, oxycodone, morphine, Diazepam, floxetine, pain killers,
2007 TASCD 372 - Drownings Hippolyte Rocks
Magistrate, Court, Coronial, Australia, Tasmania, Drowning, hypothermia, fishing, competition, tuna, EPIRB, recommendation, bravery, weather conditions, bad weather
2007 TASCD 361 - PUGH, Stephen Montague
2007 TASCD 360 - WRATHALL, Andrea Lee
2007 TASCD 306 - Motorised Scooters
Court, Magistrate, Tasmania, Coroner, Coronial, warning, recommendation, safety, licensing, scooter, motorised scooter, disability, elderly,
Coroner, recommendation, warning, tasmania, australia, dam, child, children, drown, drowning, safety
2007 TASCD 261 - Binge drinking
2007 TASCD 204 - Cyclist
Coroner, Coronial, Burnie, warning, court, courts, magistrate, Tasmania, Australia, bicycle, parent, parental supervision, supervision, children, riding, danger, child, bike
2007 TASCD 163 - Wheelchair
Magistrate, Court, Coroner, Coronial, Tasmania, Australia, aged care, nursing home, wheelchair, maintenance, mobility, duty of care, nursing home, safety, fall, equipment, bald tyres, aspiration pneumonia, contusion,
2007 TASCD 061 - Methadone
Court, Tasmania, Australia, Coroner, Coronial, Recommendation, drug, drugs, methadone, IV lung, methadone programme, injecting, morphine, intravenous, MS Contin, Anamorph, DHHS, Alcohol and Drug Service, Tasmanian Methadone Policy 2000, dosage, benzodiazepines, morphine, patient, Xanax
2007 TASCD 004 - Home Maintenance Hazards
Tasmania, Court, Magistrate, Australia, Coroner, Coroners, Recommendation, Recommendations, fall, scaffolding, work, maintenance, plank, house, ladder, bracket, height, Australian, Standards, unsafe, equipment,
Magistrate, Court, Tasmania, Australia, Coroner, Coronial, Findings, Investigation, recommendation, drowning, alcohol, drown, wharf, hotel, licence, drunk, responsible serving of alcohol, accidental, intoxication, intoxicated, fall, water, river, Derwent River, marina, mooring lines, jetty, Tasports, drunk
court, coroner, magistrate, Tasmania, Australia, recommendations, motor, vehlicle, accident, fatality, deceased, car, weather, injuries, Bass Highway, Burnie, Round, Hill, road, Commodore, Armco railings, T-Bone, D.I.E.R, median strip barrier, protective barrier, slippery, speed, warning lights, resealing, Camry, Pajero, accident
2006 TASCD 149 - Infant
court, magistrate, magistrates, tasmania, australia, courts, coronial, infant, baby, bed-sharing, sudden, infant, death syndrome, co-sleeping, recommendation, warning, paediatric, committee, unsafe, sleeping, environment, sofa, beanbag, waterbed, sagging, mattress, overlaying, alcohol, drugs, doonas, smoker, cigarette
2006 TASCD 132 - Motor Vehicle Accident
2006 TASCD 104 - Intentional Overdose
Magistrate, Coroner, Coronial, coroners, magistrates, court, Hobart, Tasmania, hospital, recommendations, ambulance, police, Royal, Hobart, Hospital, RHH, overdose, drugs, osteoporosis, self-administered, drug, memorandum, understanding, guidelines, reportable, deaths, protocols, destruction, patient, medication, narcotic, narcotics, opiates, department of emergency medicine, DEM, BENZODIAZEPINE, OPIATE, TOXICITY,
court, magistrate, magistrates, tasmania, coroner, courts, alcohol, student, fall, university, head, injury, intoxicated, tripped, fractured, skull
Coroner, magistrate, court, magistrates, Tasmania, Australia, recommendations, deceased, alcohol, skateboard, hill, road, zigazgging, speed, speed wobbles, fell, struck, head, protective, helmet,
court,magistrate,magistrates,tasmania,australia,courts,coronial,Hospital,Latrobe,Student,insulin,diabetes,education,hypo,low blood,sugar level,paediatric,endocrinologist,thiamine,deficiency,hypoglycameia,syndrome,QT,Brugia
2005 TASCD 125 - CAFASSO, Victoria Anna Elizabeth
court,magistrate,magistrates,tasmania,australia,courts,coronial, multiple stab wounds, public assistance, rendered unconscious, brutally murdered, Beaumaris Beach, DNA, Tasmanian Police, Commissioner McCreadie, Deputy Commissioner Johnston, Italian/English citizen, British passport, University in Itay, Portsmouth University, Launceston, Larby's Cottage, Scamander, St Helens, Midlands Highway, Freshwater Creek, Crime Scene, attacked, stabbed, lacerated, bludgeoned, blunt object, pointed object, knife, Royal Hobart Hospital
2004 TASCD 371 - ATV September 2003
court,magistrate,magistrates,tasmania,australia,courts,coronial, ATV September 2003, Terrain, Vehicles, safety
2004 TASCD 182 - GRUNWALDT, Nancy
court,magistrate,magistrates,tasmania,australia,courts,coronial,margaret j,life raft, search,rescue,EPIRB,weather
2001 TASCD 80 - LONG, Fabian Guy
2001 TASCD 79 - SANTOS, Laurence Colin
court,magistrate,magistrates,tasmania,australia,courts,coronial,custody,prison,corrections,depressed,respiration; schizophrenia; clozapine,Jager, prescribed, side,effect,drug,accidental,psychiatrists,monotoring,
2001 TASCD 78 - NEWMAN, Jack
2001 TASCD 77 - HOLMES, Thomas Patrick
2001 TASCD 76 - DOUGLAS, Chris William
2001 - Deaths in Custody
1997 TASCD 450, 451, 452, 453, 454 SHOOBRIDGE, Rebecca Rose Oakley Sara Francise Oakley Anna Josephine Oakley Georgina Rose Oakley Peter Robert
172 TASCD 2013 - Walker, Frances Victoria
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania -Cardia Arrest, Acute on chronic renal failure, femur fracture of neck, fall, blunt force
171 TASCD 2012 - BLAKE, Hannah Maree
157 TASCD 2013 - Mr T
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania -firearm, injury to head, shotgun, firearm, weapon, shot by firearm
155 TASCD 2013 - JENKINS, Nita Joan
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania - Fatal arthymic cardiac event, ischaemic heart disease, pulmonary, fatty liver, heart failure, annemia, health care
144 TASCD 2013 - Mr W
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania -cerebral trauma, depression,rifle, weapon, firearm, shot by firearm
101 TASCD 2013 - Master B
Magistrates Court, Coronial Division, Bicyle, Blunt Traumatic Injuries, Motor Vehicle, transport injury, pedal cyclist
078 TASCD 2013 - BARNES, Janice Zoey
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania -Sepsis, bacterial infection of the blood, ischemic colitis
078 TASCD 2011 - GREGSON, Kellie Maree
Coroner, Tasmania, crash, accident, passenger, criminal charges, dangerous driving, collision, Tea Tree, negligent driving.
060 TASCD 2013 - BARTLE, Terry Charles
Coroner, findings, Product related, Gas, Fridge, Carbon Monoxide Toxicity, Caravan
059 TASCD 2013 - Williams, Matthew Keith
Coroner, findings, Product related, Gas, Fridge, Carbon Monoxide Toxicity, Caravan
058 TASCD 2013 - WILLIAM, Rodney Alan
Coroner, findings, Product related, Gas, Fridge, Carbon Monoxide Toxicity, Caravan
057 TASCD 2013 - BUDD, Arthur John
054 TASCD 2015 - SAUNDERS, Craig Steven
2013 TASCD 422 - GLANCY, Susan Helen
Coroner, Driver, travelling to work, crash
2013 TASCD 421 - FYLE, Shirley Lorraine
Coroner, truck, pedestrian, DeBruyns
2013 TASCD 153 - Mr K -
Findings, Coronial Division, Magistrates Court of Tasmania -gunshot, wound of head, weapon, firearm, rifle, piercing, shot by firearm
2013 TASCD 100 - MS M
Coroner, Tasmania, overdose, drugs, mixed drug intoxication
2012 TASCD 231 - NICHOLS, Ian David
2012 TASCD 028 - LYALL, Jakyung Seo
2012 TASCD 013 - MILLER, Normal Leslie -
Coroner, finding, recommendation, mental health, fire, criminal, prison
2011 TASCD 414 -TEMPLER, Bryan Eldred
Coroner, recommendations, smoking, elderly, fire, oxygen, fire training, smoking policy elderly
2011 TASCD 388 - MARSHALL, Donald John
Drowning, cray fishing, Cape Portland, fisherman, Fosters Island, 'Florence'
2011 TASCD 318 - MR M
overdose, hospital, RHH, Royal hobart Hospital, DEM, mixed drug toxicity, propranolol, venlaxafine, nortriptyline, cardiac conduction pathway, recommendation, patients, Mental Health Act, ED, National Clinical Handover Initiative,