Coroners Act 1995
Coroners Rules 2006
Rule 11

I, Robert Pearce, Coroner, having investigated the death of

Colin Gladstone ARCHER



(a) The identity of the deceased person is Colin Gladstone Archer, born 9 July 1938 in Tasmania;

(b) Mr Archer died on or about 28 April 2012 in the Launceston General Hospital;

(c) Mr Archer’s death occurred as a result of cardiac tamponade due to ruptured acute myocardial infarct caused by aschaemic heart disease;

(d) No other person contributed to the cause of Mr Archer’s death.


1. Mr Archer was aged 73.  Prior to his death he lived alone at 30 Walker Street, Wynyard.  He had no history of ischaemic heart disease.

2. On Wednesday 25 April 2012 he was at home watching a game of football on the television.  He experienced chest pain but did not seek medical attention.  The next day he attended his general practitioner complaining of chest tightness.  He was transferred to the North West Regional Hospital and then to the Launceston General Hospital.  On 27 April he underwent a medical procedure performed by a cardiologist that included balloon dilation and insertion of a stent.  He died while in the cardiac unit in hospital the next day.

3. A post mortem examination disclosed an acute myocardial infarct which ruptured with the stenting of the circumflex artery.  In the opinion of the State Forensic Pathologist, Dr Christopher Lawrence, it is likely that Mr Archer suffered a heart attack on 25 April 2012, probably caused by a blood clot blocking one of the coronary arteries, and the delay in seeking medical attention contributed to the level of damage to the heart muscle caused by the lack of oxygen supply.  Because of the damage the heart muscle later ruptured.

4. The circumstances of Mr Archer’s death have been reviewed and discussed during meetings conducted by me as coroner with Dr Lawrence together with a research nurse and senior medical practitioner engaged to advise the coroner.  The medical records have been reviewed.  I am satisfied that Mr Archer received prompt and proper treatment once he consulted his doctor and that his death resulted from damage caused by the cardiac event on 25 April.  All reasonable steps were taken while he was in hospital.

Comments & Recommendations

5. I have decided not to hold an inquest into Mr Archer’s death.  The investigation has sufficiently disclosed the identity of the deceased person, the time, place, the relevant circumstances concerning his death and the particulars needed to register his death under the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act.  I am satisfied that no other person contributed to Mr Archer’s death.  I do not consider that an inquest is likely to elicit any further information concerning the issues that I am required to determine.

I convey my sincere condolences to Mr Archer’s family.


DATED: 5 July 2012 at Launceston in Tasmania


Robert Pearce