Tasmania Fire Service

The Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) plays a vital role in the investigation of fires and explosions, regardless of whether a death also occurs. TFS personnel are the first responders to the scene of such incidents, and contain any fire and ensure that any explosion site is safe for the public and TFS staff. They also gather evidence at the scene, and identify the cause and origin of the fire or explosion if possible. TFS does not have a dedicated coronial unit.

TFS officers attend all fires and explosions, and additional staff attend and provide support as required. TFS also has access to a network of specialists, such as qualified electrical inspectors and wildfire-qualified investigators, upon whom they can call whenever needed. Once the TFS has completed its investigations, personnel produce a Fire Investigation Report, which is forwarded to the coroner’s court if a coroner is investigating the matter.

It is rare for a coroner to investigate a fire or explosion without a related death. At all fires and explosions, the TFS conducts its own investigations according to its own procedures and may transfer the scene to Tasmania Police if appropriate (as in the case of a suspected crime, such as arson).

For more information on TFS processes of fire investigation, please refer to Key Elements in the Process: Investigation of Fires and Explosions.