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Role Of The Coroner

The Coroner is required by law to inquire into all reportable deaths where a person:

1.       has died a violent, unnatural or unexpected death, or as a result of an injury or accident;

2.       has died during a medical procedure, or after a medical procedure, where the death may be causally related to that procedure, and a medical practitioner would not, immediately before the procedure was undertaken, have reasonably expected the death;

3.       has died from an unknown cause and/or a medical practitioner will not issue a medical certificate as to cause of death;

4.       is a child under the age of 1 year and death was sudden and unexpected;

5.       was a person held in care or custody;

6.       was escaping from prison or police custody or an institution or while a prison officer or police office was attempting to detain that person;

7.       has died as a result of an accident or injury that occurs at, the deceased person's place of work, and does not appear to be of natural causes.


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